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Capital of the Confederation of Esse
Flag of Reme
"Sister of Rome"
CountryUber-Essian Union
Established27 July 2016
Incorporated27 January 2017
RepresentativesJames Reginald Frisch
 • TypeElective mayoral government
 • PodestaJames Reginald Frisch (Unionists)
 • Total3
Time zoneUTC-06:00 (UTC)
Capital city of the Confederation of Esse

Reme (in Essian: Réma) is a city in the Uber-Essian Union and capital city of the Confederation of Esse. The city has a rich and illustrious history, being the seat of power of the majority of Houston sector nations since the founding of the Republic of Concord in late 2014.


Reme derives its name from Remus, Roman mythological figure known as the brother of Romulus, the founder of Rome.


Though not formally named and incorporated until 2016, Reme was the site of many notable events in Houston sector history. In 2014, it was the site of the de facto capital of the Republic of Concord. Following said state's merger to form the Federated States of America, the site of Reme eventually served as "Federal Hall," the micronation's capital during the Federal Convention. At the historic inaugural session at Federal Hall, the Charter of the Federated States was read in full and ratified, and several other landmark bills were conceived into law.

Following the Federated States' dissolution, the site of Reme was part of Kastell County within the original Commonwealth of Esse. Following the conception of the Atlantic Commonwealth in January 2016, Esse became a province of the Commonwealth.

Once the Atlantic Commonwealth folded, Esse—and thus the site of Reme—spent a short stint in the Grand Duchy of St.Clemens before being absorbed into the State of Koss as part of the Principality of Valites. The city of Reme was then conceived and formally incorporated as the Principality's capital. There, Reme became a crucial base of operations for the affluent economic activities of Koss and its Royale bank.

In January 2017, Reme was incorporated as part of the second Essian Commonwealth as part of its Declaration of Restoration. In February, its city status was formalized through royal decree, becoming the second-largest city in the Commonwealth by land area after Cambridge and tied with the aforementioned city in population. Under the 2017 Constitutive foundation, Rema was located within a self-titled county, with Lord Henry serving as the inaugural Warden.

Following the 2018 reforms and ratification of the 2018 Constitution—spearheaded by Heaminister Tarik Kârjasary—the County of Esse was reorganized into the Corona Province, with the City of Reme administered by the Borough of Réma. It was administered in this way until the Commonwealth's dissolution in March 2018.

Reme was reincorporated as part of the Confederation of Esse in April 2020, briefly serving as the capital of an independent Esse once again until becoming the namesake for the Rema Treaty of Union, the landmark merger between the states of Esse and Uberquiesenberg which formed the Uber-Essian Union.

Politics & Government

Reme acts as one of two de jure capitals of the Uber-Essian Union (the other being the Uberquiesenberger city of Halyards), though this status—particularly within the Essian confederal government—has increasingly become ceremonial, as many administrative activities have de facto moved to the city of San Bernardo.

In accordance with the 2020 Essian confederal Constitution, Reme has an elective Podesta who serves on four-month terms, with an unlimited number of allotted terms. The Essian Constitution provides Essian cities with liberties in forming city councils or other political structures submissive to its Podesta, though Reme has not exercised this liberty.

Rema is currently provided one representative in Union Parliament, one-third of Esse's total delegation.


Name Term began Term ended Allegiance Elections
1. James Frisch 13 July 2020 present Unionist July 2020
Nov 2020