Treaty of New Halyards

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Treaty of New Halyards
Photo of then-Newton County, April 2017
Photo of then-Newton County, April 2017
Created 25 May 2017
Ratified 12 June 2017
Location Halyards, Uberquiesenberg
Authors Newton von Uberquie and
Henry Clément
Signers Kingdom of Uberquiesenberg.png Newton von Uberquie
Esse flag.png Henry Clément
Purpose The establishment of jointly administered Essian-Uberquiesenbergian county and the establishment of Uberquiesenberg as a protected state of Esse.

The Treaty of New Halyards (Essian: Treité a Sal Halyards) is a multi-purpose treaty between the Essian Commonwealth and the Democratic Confederation of the Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg, signed on 25 May 2017 after several days of talks and negotiations regarding the terms of the agreement. The Treaty did not take effect, however, until 12 June 2017, when the former Newton County was dissolved.

In conjunction with Uberquiesenberg's gain of special sovereignty from Mercia in May 2017, the agreement began, thereafter establishing the first formal relations between the two states since their mutual colonial status in the latter half of 2016. The agreement is historically significant as establishing the first bilateral relations between two states that would thereafter grow into the closest of allies. It remained in effect until Esse's dissolution in March 2018


The nations, within their respective sovereignty, whom come together to sign this diplomatic treaty, do so within the interests of harbouring safe, peaceful and valourous relations between them.

— -Treaty of New Halyards, May 2017

The Treaty of New Halyards is arranged into six chapters compiled on seven pages, each chapter establishing a different provision regarding the state's bilateral relations and diplomatic contact. The initial chapter - the Préambule - provides an overview of the provisions established through the ratification of the Treaty, while the penultimate chapter established provisions for ratification, the text of the final chapter being derived from the Essian treaty standard.