Amoena Simphonia

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Amoena Simphonia
Essian Commonwealth
Organization overview
Formed1928 (de jure)
2017 (de facto)
Jurisdiction Commonwealth of Esse
 United States
Employees~200 (involved)
1 (registered)
Minister responsible
WebsiteOfficial website

The Amoena Simphonia, often advertised as the Simphonia, was a music and entertainment startup started in 2017, with some sectors founded as early as 1928. The Simphonia was associated with music streaming services, brass ensembles, and a full orchestra, as well as a comprehensive library of 20th century gramophone records. It also regularly published weekly music listings in the Messenger, the bestselling magazine in the Essian Commonwealth.

After a fall in the development of its magazine, Messenger, the Simphonia lost much of its support and was shortly after bought out by Sandwich Corps and was dissolved, however many of its former subsidiaries have continued under the Sandwich label, including the Messenger and Simphonia Records, the latter which is now known as Sandwich Records.