The Democrats (Esse)

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The Democrats
LeaderTarik Kârjasary
Founded27 January 2017 (as Lennonists)
12 June 2017
Membership (2017)3
IdeologyEssian nationalism
Colors  Blue
Seats in Parliament
4 / 8

The Essian Democrats, domestically referred to simply as the Democrats (Essian: Demarchi or Demarchie), was an Essian nationalist political party in the Essian Commonwealth founded as a result of a semi-official merger between the Lennonist Partite a Essia and A Couna. Founded through the third party system agreement which also established the Green Party of Esse, the party was the second largest party by membership in the Parliament.

Its final leader was Tarik Kârjasary, who succeeded original leader Alexander Gibbs on 25 November 2017.



The Democrats trace their roots to the first political party in the Essian Commonwealth, the True Republican Party. Weishauptism, the ideology developed in the True Republican Party, evolved through 2016 to become Lennonism and Essian nationalism, the basis for the foundation of the Democrats' successor party, the Lennonist Party of Esse. The Lennonists were, for a short time, the nation's largest party before a membership share tie with the Federalie Partite a Essia. The two parties co-existed, albeit with inactivity in both parties for several months before an agreement was reached to dissolve all existing parties and institute the third party system.

The Democrats were founded as a result of this agreement, and their first Leader was appointed, him being Alexander Gibbs.


The Democrats were a nationalist and monarchist party. Party leader Tarik Kârjasary had described the party as having "undying commitment to the values of democracy, liberty and equality." Like all political parties in Esse, the Democrats did not fall within a clear position in the left-right spectrum.

List of leaders

Leader Home state Took office Left office Heaminister
1 Alexander Gibbs Stravinia 12 June
26 November
Frisch (I) • (II)
167 days Henry (HM)
2 Tarik Kârjasary Beiwing 25 November
16 March
111 days Kârjasary (I)

Electoral performance


Election year Candidate Result
# votes % votes
2017 Alexander Gibbs   3 33%
2018 Tarik Kârjasary   5 62.5%


Election year # votes % seats won +/- Government
2017 4 44%
2 / 10
1 in opposition
2018 5 62.5%
4 / 8
2 coalition gov't