Lennonist Partite a Essia

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Lennonist Party
Lennonist Partite a Essia
LeaderAvro Keatings
Founded27 January 2017
IdeologyEssian nationalism
Seats in the Parliassam
4 / 10

The Lennonist Partite a Essia (LPaE), in English translated as the Lennonist Party of Esse, was an Essian nationalist political party in the Essian Commonwealth, established on 27 January 2017. It had been the largest party by membership since its foundation on 27 January 2017, when it succeeded the True Republican Party. It I was one of two political parties in the Commonwealth at the time, the other being the Federalie Partite a Essia.

Its founder was Monarch HIllM Lord Henry, who assumed leadership upon the foundation of the party.