A Couna

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A Couna
LeaderAndrew Montehue
MonarchHIllM Lord Henry
Founded30 April 2017
Membership (2017)1
Seats in the Parlamenzalochas
1 / 10

A Couna (English: "To Home," or "Come Home") was a single-issue political party in the Essian Commonwealth founded on 30 April 2017 by HIllM Lord Henry, the nation's monarch and founder of the nation's then-largest political party, the Lennonist Partite a Essia. The party was a single-man vehicle managed solely by Henry, and did not intend to accept new members or run for any public offices, instead acting as a "placeholder to sustain a political presence of monarchism." Henry considered the party to be single-issue, though Henry did cast votes in the Parlamenzalochas for other issues.


A Couna was founded on 30 April 2017 in Rema by Lord Henry Twain of the Essian Commonwealth. It does not intend to run candidates in any elections - though none have been outwardly decreed - until at least the end of the term of James Reginald Frisch. An article in the Messenger was posted announcing the details of the party, and Henry then announced he was stepping down as leader of the Lennonist Partite a Essia.

The party was disestablished and effectively merged with the Lennonist Partite a Essia to form the Democrats in the approach to the 2017 general election.


Though Henry was the founder of both the True Republican Party and the Lennonist Partite, A Couna rejected traditional Weishauptist policies that both parties held in favor of a straightforward policy of support towards the monarchy, the Constitution, the Codes a Clementine, and other royal powers, duties, and decrees. The party could be described as monarchist, centrist, or third way.

The party was significantly different than past national and international affilations of Henry, which include the TRP, Lennonist Partite, Independence Party of Abelden, National Liberal Party of Mercia, and Classical Liberal Party of Mcarthia in that the party didn't lean conservative - or in the case of the TRP, briefly far-left - instead embracing a moderate, catch-all belief system. The party rejected populism.