First Frisch Term

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Frisch Term
1st ministry of Essian Commonwealth
Date formed 20 March 2017
Date dissolved 25 June 2017
People and organizations
Head of government HG Sir James Reginald Frisch, Count of Beiwing
Head of state HIllM Lord Henry
Total no. of ministers 10, including the Monarch and Heaminister
Member party Independent
The Greens
The Democrats
Status in legislature Supermajority
Legislature term(s) 1st Parlamenzalochas
Successor Second Frisch Term

James Reginald Frisch, who was appointed Heaminister of Esse on 20 March 2017, was thereafter defined as the leader of the Frisch Term. He was appointed as the Healenship's inaugural officeholder by Lord Henry. The term is officially known as the 1st term or the 1st ministry, as it is the first term defined under the terms of the 2017 Essian Constitution, which created the Parlamenzalochas of the Essian Commowealth. The Term was made up of ten members, all either Independent politicians or affiliates of the Green Party of Esse and the Democrats.

In retrospect, the Frisch Term is referred to as the First Frisch Term to differentiate it from the ministry directly succeeding it, the Second Frisch Term.


The Frisch Term was informally established around 15 March 2017, though its conception was not made official until James Reginald Frisch was appointed Heaminister five days later, 20 March. At the time, Frisch was a nonpartisan politician, and there were not enough members of the Lennonist Partite a Essia or Federalie Partite a Essia to form a majority or minority government, and so a supermajority coalition was established under the term.


Cabinet of the Essian Commonwealth
Portfolio Minister Term
Cabinet ministers
Monarch His Illustrious Majesty Henry Clément 2017 – 2017
Chancellor of the Treasury
His Grace Count Sir James Reginald Frisch MP 2017 – 2017
Minister for Cartography His Excellency Baron Alex White MP 2017 – 2017
Minister for Foreign Affairs His Grace Count Patrick Renwick MP 2017 – 2017
Chief Attorney His Excellency Marquis Horatio Eden MP 2017 – 2017
Minister for Culture His Grace Marquis Stephen Freayth MP 2017 – 2017
Minister for Charities His Grace Baron Alexander Gibbs MP 2017 – 2017
Also attending cabinet meetings
Chief Justice The Honourable Earl Kit McCarthy 2017 – 2017
First Justice
Viceroy of Hundreds
His Honourable Grace Baron Avro Keatings MP 2017 – 2017