Unionist Party (Esse)

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Unionist Party
LeaderHenry Clémens
GonfaloniereJames Frisch
Founded13 July 2020
HeadquartersNew South Cambridge, Esse
Political positionCentre
National affiliationUnionist Party of Uber-Esse
ColoursBlue and Red
Union Parliament
3 / 6
4 / 5
Party flag

Unionist Party—The Essian Confederation, known as the Essian Unionists or simply as the Unionists, is the branch of the Uber-Essian Unionist Party based in the Confederation of Esse. Identifying as pro-unionism, the party seeks to increase the power of the central Union government while maintaining the pre-existing confederal rights outlined in the Rema Treaty of Union.

Since the party's foundation, James Frisch has represented the party as Gonfaloniere, the head of government of the confederation.


List of leaders

Leader Home city Took office Left office Gonfaloniere
1 Henry Clémens San Bernardo 13 July
Incumbent Frisch
1228 days Birch


Electoral performance


Election Candidate Result
# votes % votes
April 2020 James Frisch   1[a] 100%
July 2020 James Frisch   5 100%
Sept 2020 N/A   N/A N/A
Nov 2020 N/A   N/A N/A

Podestá of Rema

Election Candidate Result
# votes % votes
July 2020 James Frisch   4 100%
Nov 2020 James Frisch   3 100%

Podestá of San Bernardo

Election Candidate Result
# votes % votes
July 2020 N/A   N/A N/A
Nov 2020 N/A   N/A N/A


  1. Frisch was unilaterally appointed Gonfaloniere by Lord Henry.