Essian people

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Essian people
Regions with significant populations
 United States 6
 Uber-Essian Union
 •  Commonwealth of Esse

 Abeldane Empire
 •  Kingdom of Tusmore

 Empire of Paravia 1

Essian, English


Christianity, Agnostic

Essians, or the Essian people, are an ethnic group of people loosely defined as sharing common history and association with the historical Essian states or Houston sector as a whole. Generally, Essians have been citizens of one of the two major Essian states, the Essian Commonwealth (2015—2018) or the Confederation of Esse (2020—present). Citizens of the former Domain of Esse (2016—2017) are also often included.

No government has formally defined what constitutes being "Essian." Some definitions restrict the phrase to the original residents of Kastell County, while some are as general as classifying all former citizens of the Essian Commonwealth as belonging to the ethnic group. Differences in culture, territorial claims, and more between the original Essian Commonwealth and the modern Confederation have raised questions about if citizen of the two can even be considered to be of the same "people."



"Old Essian" culture

"New Essian" culture