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General information
LocatedVictoria, Australia
37°48′51″S 144°57′47″E

The Melbourne sector is an unofficial name for the group of micronations based around the area of Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria in Australia. Micronations with a presence in Melbourne include Enactorate of Urabbaparcensia and the Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia.

Geography and history

Melbourne is the capital city of the Australian State of Victoria, and was founded as a city by Queen Victoria on 25 June 1847.[1] The official coordinates of Melbourne, 37°48′51″S 144°57′47″E, refers to the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets in the Central Business District of Melbourne, the site of the General Post Office. The first known micronation to be based in Melbourne was the Most Glorious People's Republic of A1, founded on January 1, 2008. This became a part of the Federated States of A1 in November 2010, but collapsed in August 2012. Another micronation, the Democratic Republic of Austenersey, was founded in 2011 and has since become defunct. The next Melbourne micronation was the Kingdom of Edenia, which was founded in April 2014, and was quickly replaced by the Commonwealth of Vyktory. In March 2015, the Empire of Førvania was founded. The Basque Republic was formed in 2018. Lockdowns in 2020 saw the creation of new micronations, including the Kingdom of West Alpinia and the Imperial State of Laburia. In 2021, the State of Vishwamitra appointed its first consul-general in Melbourne, however with the expulsion the consul-general, the consulate was closed the same year. The Kingdom of Seluvia was established in Melbourne in 2022.

Micronations have also been formed in rural areas around Melbourne. The Triumvirate of Sonderan was formed on the Mornington Peninsula, southeast of Melbourne, in 2018. The Sovereign Municipality of Ameristralia also has some provinces northwest of Melbourne.


Melbourne is the location of the registered office of the Enactorate of Urabbaparcensia (formerly Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited), and the city is home to many of the relatives of the founding Enactor Danny Racovolis, and is the seat of the Enactorial House of Racservia as well as the interim Seat of Government. The Enactorate of Urabbaparcensia was incorporated in Melbourne in 2012. Melbourne falls within the jurisdiction of the Corporate Demesne, the Urabbaparcensia's directly administered corporate jurisdiction. Under section 125 of the Urabbaparcensian Constitution, the Corporate Parliament sits at Melbourne until a Seat of Government is determined by Parliament or some other place chosen by the Manager‑General.[ConstitutionUP 1]

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