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Daniel James Racovolis
Ντανιελ Ρακοβολης
D.J. Racovolis, late 2010s
Enactor of Urabba Parks
PredecessorTitle created
Born23 May 1985 (1985-05-23) (age 38)
East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Enactorial HouseRacservia
FatherJán Straka
MotherD. Racovolis
ReligionGreek Orthodox
SignatureDaniel James Racovolis Ντανιελ Ρακοβολης's signature

Daniel James Racovolis (Greek: Δανιήλ Ρακοβολης or Ντανιελ Ρακοβολης, born 23 May 1985) is the Enactor of Urabba Parks, a charity he founded on 3 July 2012. Urabba Parks has been established to develop a model for the governance of charitable organisations through democratic structures in a concept labelled as charitable democracy. In addition to his profession as an accountant, Racovolis is also the Mesazon of the Empire of Imvrassia and Prime Minister of Heraldica.

Early and personal life

Racovolis is the only child of D. Racovolis, the only surviving daughter of Dimitrios Racovolis and Mrs E. Racovolis (nee Moskos). As a child in Melbourne, Racovolis was raised by his mother and maternal grandmother and estranged from his father, Ján Straka (b. 1951), an immigrant from Slovakia. In his primary school years, Racovolis operated a micronation known as Danland, which operated an orienteering competition during lunch times. Racovolis attended Wesley College in Melbourne, where he completed the Victorian Certificate of Education in 2003, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) in 2007. At RMIT University, Racovolis was active in administrative roles in student groups which provided inspiration for his micronational career.

Professional career

On 1 July 2008, after a post-graduation trip to London, Racovolis became a consulting bookkeeper as a member of the National Institute of Accountants (now the Institute of Public Accountants) as a sole trader under the name D.J. Racovolis and Associates. On 17 November 2008, Racovolis founded a company, D.J. Racovolis Services Pty Ltd. The company was engaged to keep the accounts for various businesses in the medical and professional services industries. In 2010, Racovolis became a Registered BAS Agent as a result of the membership of the National Institute of Accountants.[1]

Following the death of Dimitrios Racovolis in June 2011, Racovolis purchased what is now known as the Flandrensian Ecological County of Urabba on 4 Urabba Street Rankins Springs, New South Wales, and registered the company Urabba Parks Pty Ltd on 3 July 2012. The intention behind the establishment of Urabba Parks was the establishment of a model for charitable democracy, being a charity governed by a board representative of the community of which it serves and accountable through regular elections. Urabba Parks was registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission on 3 December 2012.[2]

In 2019, Racovolis became a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. Upon completing the postgraduate qualification, Racovolis drafted the current Constitution of Urabba Parks, which was adopted on 5 March 2021.

Involvement in micronationalism

Racovolis became a citizen of Empire of Imvrassia on 23 June 2022 upon the affiliation of Urabba Parks as a Hegemony, and a citizen of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis on 1 August 2022. On 28 August 2022, President Griffin von Wappstadt of Heraldica appointed Racovolis as the country's first prime minister. On 30 August 2022, Racovolis annexed a defunct micronation, the United States of Columbia, under a "responsibility to protect" the identity of the nation. On 5 September 2022, Racovolis became the Mesazon of the Empire of Imvrassia.

Titles, styles, and honours

Corporate title

Corporate styles of
Enactor Daniel Racovolis
Reference styleMister Enactor
Spoken styleMister Enactor

Racovolis’ title of Enactor derives from his role as enacting component of the legislature, a position considered similar to the King under the Australian Constitution. The corporate title, which is recognised in the Constitution of Urabba Parks, is intended to be used in the general community. Something that appertains to an enactor may be described as Enactorial. A female enactor or consort is known as an Enactress. The role of Enactor allows for Racovolis to serve as an Honorary Director of Urabba Parks Pty Ltd (which, despite the prefix 'Honorary' is a substantive directorship).

Imperial title

Imperial styles of
Sebastokrator Daniel
Reference styleSebastokrator
Spoken styleSir

Racovolis is known in Empire of Imvrassia as His Royal Highness Sebastokrator Daniel of Urabba Parks was granted by Emperor Aggelos of Imvrassia upon affiliation with the as a Hegemony on 23 June 2022. However, Racovolis does not use the style His Royal Highness.



While in school, Racovolis had assumed a coat of arms designed by the American College of Heraldry and designed by the late Colonel D.P. Johnson. The blazon for the old coat of arms is: Argent on a fess engrailed and counter-engrailed Azure a Greek cross Argent within a horseshoe inverted Or between two fish naiant and addorsed Argent in chief three lozenges in fess Gules and in base three lozenges two and one Azure.[3]

On 30 January 2008, following confirmation of Racovolis' graduation from RMIT University, Garter Principal King of Arms (along with Clarenceux and Norroy and Ulster Kings of Arms) granted Racovolis heraldic Arms, following a warrant from the Earl Marshal dated 31 January 2006, two years earlier.[4] The agent for Racovolis in relation to the grant was David White, who later became Garter King of Arms and read out the Proclamation of accession of Charles III on 10 September 2022.

Arms: Azure a heraldic Sea-Lion erect Or on a Chief invected Argent three Lozenges Gules
Crest: Upon a Helm with a Wreath Argent and Azure A demi-Female Figure proper vested Argent cloaked Gules wreathed about the temples with a Wreath of Olive proper supporting with her dexter hand a Portcullis chained Argent and holding in her sinister arm a Fleece Or Mantled Azure lined Argent
Reference: Coll. Arms Grants 2008 No. 173.114
Motto: (as depicted): PERSEQUERE AD DESTINATUM, derives from Philippians 3:14, in which Saint Paul the Apostle (Saul of Tarsus) tells his disciples “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

The Arms of the Enactor as used in Urabba Parks is that as he is lawfully entitled to bear under the Law of Arms, however the Plate of Representation appears above the Arms. In the case of a Crest being used, the Plate of Representation is imposed on the Wreath.

Arms of Daniel James Racovolis, Gentleman, Enactor of Urabba Parks
Banner of the Arms of Daniel James Racovolis, Gentleman
Armorial bearings of Daniel Racovolis

depicted by Robert Parsons MBE

Enactorial coat of arms of Urabba Parks with the Plate of Representation appearing on the Wreath Enactorial standard

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