Monarchy of Urabba Parks

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Enactor of Urabba Parks
D.J. Racovolis
since 5 June 2021
StyleHis Highness
First monarchDanny Racovolis, as Founder
Formation5 March 2022 (2022-03-05)

The monarchy of Urabba Parks is Urabba Parks' form of government embodied by the Urabbaparcensian sovereign and head of state, known as the Enactor. The Urabbaparcensian monarchy is a constitutional monarchy, modelled on the Westminster system of parliamentary government, while incorporating features unique to the Constitution of Urabba Parks.

The present monarch is Daniel James Racovolis, styled Enactor of Urabba Parks, who has reigned as Enactor since the establishment of jurisdiction 5 March 2022. Prior to this, Racovolis was head of state under the title Chairman of Urabba Parks, a position he still holds today. He is represented in Urabba Parks as a whole by the Manager-General, in accordance with the Urabbaparcensian Constitution and letters patent from the Enactor, and in each of the regions and territories, according to the divisional constitutions, by a Manager. The monarch appoints the Manager-General and the divisional managers, on the advice of the respective executive governments; divisional and corporate.


The monarch is listed in the register of corporate places as The Enactor’s Most Excellent Management. The title of the monarch is Daniel Racovolis, Enactor of Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited. The monarch is addressed as Mister Enactor and subsequently as Sir. Something that appertains to an enactor is described as Enactorial. A female monarch or a female spouse of an Enactor would be referred to as an Enactress (while an enactress in her own right would be an Enactress regnant or Enactress managing while a spouse would be an Enactress Consort). An enactress would be addressed initially as Madam Enactress and Madam subsequently.


Succession to the Management is according to the holder of foundation in Urabba Parks, being the right to succeed the founder of Urabba Parks. Subsection 11(4) of the Constitution of Urabba Parks provides that the first-numbered membership (share) in the case of members of a class of members eligible to succeed to a place within Urabba Parks succeeds to the place unless another share is chosen by the shareholders by agreement or resolution.[Constitution 1]


Section 17 of the Constitution of Urabba Parks prohibits Urabba Parks providing benefits to the Enactor or a connected entity, except for exempt benefits or approved benefits.[Constitution 2] An approved benefit for the monarch and connected entities would have to be approved by a special provision, which requires an absolute majority of the House of Ordinaries and enactment by special resolution.[Constitution 3][Constitution 4]

Personification of the corporation

The monarch is also the locus of oaths of allegiance; many employees of the Management are required by law to recite this oath before taking their posts, such as all members of the Corporate Parliament, all members of the divisional parliaments, as well as all magistrates, judges, enforcement officers and members of the Urabbaparcensian Defence Service.

Constitutional role and royal prerogative

Although the Constitution mentions the Manager-General of Urabba Parks as the Enactor's representative in Corporate matters, the Enactor (and any Honorary Manager) may undertake the role of Manager-General due to section 4 of the Constitution of including "an Honorary Manager present on the premises or at the proceedings of Urabba Parks" in the definition of Manager-General.


The monarch is the enacting component of Parliament, in a position analogous to the to the position of the King-in-Parliament in the Westminster system. The authority of the Management therein is embodied in the mace (House of Representatives) and Black Rod (Senate), which both bear a Plate of Representation at their apex. The monarch and viceroy do not, however, participate in the legislative process save for the granting of Enactorial Assent by the Manager-General. Further, the constitution outlines that the Manager-General is responsible for summoning, proroguing, and dissolving parliament.[Constitution 5] All laws in Urabba Parks are enacted only with the granting of Enactorial Assent, done by the Manager-General, or in the case of a jurisdictional division, by the divisional manager. The Manager-General may reserve a bill "for the Enactor's pleasure"; that is withhold his consent to the bill and present it to the monarch for his personal decision. Under the Constitution, the monarch also has the power to disallow a bill within one year of the Manager-General having granted Enactorial Assent.[Constitution 6]

Foreign affairs

The Enactorial prerogative also extends to foreign affairs: the Manager-General in Council negotiates and ratifies treaties, alliances, and international agreements.


In Urabba Parks, the sovereign is deemed the fount of justice. However, he does not personally rule in judicial cases, meaning that judicial functions are normally performed only in the monarch's name. Disciplinary offences are legally deemed to be offences against the sovereign and proceedings for indictable offences are brought in the sovereign's name in the form of The Enactor against [Name] (sometimes also referred to as the Management against [Name]). Hence, the common law holds that the sovereign "can do no wrong"; the monarch cannot be prosecuted in his or her own courts for criminal offences. Civil lawsuits against the Management in its public capacity (that is, lawsuits against the government) are permitted; however, lawsuits against the monarch personally are not cognisable. In international cases, as a sovereign and under established principles of intermicronational law, the Enactor of Urabba Parks is not subject to suit in foreign courts without his express consent. The prerogative of mercy lies with the monarch, and is exercised in the state jurisdictions by the governors.

Cultural role

As the successor to the founder of Urabba Parks, the monarch plays a vital role in the culture of Urabba Parks.

The Management and the Urabbaparcensian Defence Service

Section 68 of the Urabbaparcensian Constitution says: "The command in chief of the naval and military forces of Urabba Parks is vested in the Manager-General as the Enactor's (monarch's) representative." In practice, however, the Manager-General does not play any part in the UDS's command structure other than following the advice of the Minister for Operations in the normal form of executive government.

Australian naval vessels bear the prefix Mister Enactor's Urabbaparcensian Ship (MEUS) and many regiments carry the "Enactorial" prefix.

Symbol of the Enactor of Urabba Parks
The Plate of Representation

Urabbaparcensian royal symbols

Enactorial symbols are the visual and auditory identifiers of the Urabbaparcensian monarchy. The main symbol of the monarchy is the monarch himself, and his image is thus used to signify Urabbaparcensian independence. A Plate of Representation is depicted as a monarchical symbol that appears on the Urabbaparcensian coat of arms, and on various medals and awards. The latter reflects the monarch's place as the fount of honour—the formal head of the Urabbaparcensian honours and awards system. The heraldic banner of the Enactor's personal Arms (the Enactorial Arms) is used as the personal flag of the Enactor while in Urabba Parks.

Religious role

The Church in Urabba Parks is an Eastern Orthodox Church which claims spiritual affiliation with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, with the monarch as its Lay Governor. However, the Archdiocese does not recognise the Church, and Christianity is not the official religion of Urabba Parks.


The founder of Urabba Parks, Danny Racovolis, has since 2011 thought of the Urabba territory in Rankins Springs as his "public domain," wishing to develop charitable democracy through a "non-state jurisdiction" located in the Australian countryside. The monarchy in its current form developed as a result of the establishment of jurisdiction, which saw Urabba Parks adopt a jurisdictional mode of governance with its own legal system and judiciary. The creation of a state-like structure necessitated the creation of the position of a "head of state" that would be vested with executive authority.

List of monarchs of Urabba Parks

The present monarch is Daniel James Racovolis, styled Enactor of Urabba Parks, who has reigned as Enactor since the establishment of jurisdiction 5 March 2022. Prior to this, Racovolis was head of state under the title Chairman of Urabba Parks, a position he has held since the incorporation of Urabba Parks and still holds today. Racovolis is the head of the Enactorial House of Racservia.

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