Court of Directors (Urabba Parks)

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Court of Directors
Jurisdiction Urabba Parks
Authorized bySection 71 of the Constitution[Constitution 1]

The Court of Directors is the apex court of the judiciary of Urabba Parks. It exercises original and appellate jurisdiction on matters specified within the Constitution of Urabba Parks.


The Court was mentioned in section 71 of the Constitution.[Constitution 1]


The Court of Directors consists of a President, directly appointed Directors, and Directors ex officio.[Constitution 1] Like judges of other corporate courts, Directors of the Court are appointed by the Manager-General in Council on the presentation of a service member of Urabba Parks (a redeemable preference shareholder) and retire at age 70, and may be removed for reasons of misbehaviour or incapacity with a vote of the Houses of Parliament. For the duration of the appointment, a Director of the Court is also a judicial director of Urabba Parks and may only act in the judicial capacity whilst appointed a director.[Constitution 2]

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