Urabbaparcensian Government

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Urabbaparcensian Government
Federal Government
Formation5 March 2021; 2 years ago (2021-03-05)
Founding documentUrabbaparcensian Constitution
Country Urabba Parks
Head of state (sovereign)Monarch (Enactor)
Vice-regal representativeManager-General
SeatMelbourne (interim)
Legislative branch
LegislatureParliament of Urabba Parks
Meeting placeMelbourne (interim)
Executive branch
Head of governmentPark Minister
Main bodyCabinet
HeadquartersMelbourne (interim)
Main organ
Departments4 departments
Judicial branch
CourtCourt of Directors (Urabba Parks)
SeatMelbourne (interim)

The Urabbaparcensian Government, also known as the Executive Government of Urabba Parks or the Corporate Government, is the national government of Urabba Parks, a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The Urabbaparcensian Government is made up of four branches: the executive (the park minister, the ministers, and government departments), the legislative (the Parliament of Urabba Parks), the judicial, and the independent governance service.

Constitutional basis

The Constitution provides for the exercise of the executive power of Urabba Parks by the Manager-General[Constitution 1]

The Manager-General generally acts on the advice of the Proprietary Council,[Constitution 2] hence the phrase Manager-General in Council.[Constitution 3]

The Executive Government acts through Departments of Corporation, which are administered by Ministers of Corporation, who are also members of the Proprietary Council.[Constitution 4]


The Departments of Corporation include:

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