Manager-General of Urabba Parks

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Manager-General of Urabba Parks
Badge of the Manager-General
The Official Flag of the Manager-General
StyleMister/Madam Manager-General
SeatUrabba House, UP1
NominatorPark Minister of Urabba Parks
AppointerMonarch of Urabba Parks
on the advice of the Park Minister
Term lengthAt Mister Enactor's pleasure
Formation5 March 2021

The Manager-General of Urabba Parks is the representative of the Enactor in Urabba Parks.


The Constitution of Urabba Parks provides that the representative of the Enactor of Urabba Parks shall be the Manager-General, who is appointed at "Mister Enactor's pleasure."[Constitution 1] The role of Manager-General is based on that of the Governor-General of Australia, in that the Manager-General exercises the power of the Enactor within Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited such as signing laws of the Corporate Parliament[Constitution 2], appointing officers of the Urabbaparcensian Government[Constitution 3] and the justice system[Constitution 4] and exercising command in chief of the Urabbaparcensian Defence Service.[Constitution 5] In the absence or incapacity of the Manager-General, the viceregal functions may be carried out by the Administrator of the Government of Urabba Parks appointed by the Enactor.[Constitution 6] There is also provision for the Enactor himself to carry out the functions of the Manager-General on the premises or proceedings of Urabba Parks.[Constitution 6] Viceregal functions relation to the jurisdictional divisions are carried out by Divisional Managers, except in the case of territories where no Manager is appointed, where the Manager-General exercises such powers.


The office of Manager-General is yet to be occupied.

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