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The name of Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited (/ˈjʊræbə/ /pɑːks/ (About this sound (listen)) URE-a-bə pahrks) reflects its purpose as an environmental charity and legal structure as an incorporated company.


Urabba refers to the name of the street where the Ecological County of Urabba is situated, and is a variation of the name of a nearby locality of Eurabba, which is a Wiradjuri word meaning "a boggy creek".[1]

Parks refers to the operating model of "parks", which could include open spaces but also built environments for the purpose of providing charitable services such as health and education delivered by associated entities.

Proprietary (or Pty) refers to the fact Urabba Parks is a proprietary (private) company limited by shares under Australian company law. Although most charitable companies do not issue shares, and are incorporated as companies limited by guarantee, the Constitution of Urabba Parks provides for the surplus assets usually distributed among shareholders instead to be distributed to charities chosen by shareholders.

Limited (or Ltd) refers to the fact that under Australian company law, the members of Urabba Parks are not liable for its debts if the company winds up and is unable to pay them.


The adjective or demonym for Urabba Parks, Urabbaparcensian, is based on the Latin form of the name of Urabba Parks (Urabbaparcus).

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