Crime in Urabba Parks

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Crime in Urabba Parks is subject to the jurisdiction of the Australian executive and judicial authorities. Matters of offences against the law of Urabba Parks managed by various law enforcement bodies (corporate and divisional-based guard services and campus councils), the corporate and divisional-based disciplinary justice systems.

Law enforcement

Law enforcement is undertaken by the Urabba Parks Corporate Guard Service at a corporate level and divisional guards in jurisdictional divisions. However, the members of the Urabba Parks Ranger Service may be authorised to enforce by-laws of premises where guards are not available (such as in Urabba).


The Urabbaparcensian court hierarchy consists of the a Court of Directors as the highest appeal court, and other courts established by the Parliament. An indictable offence under Australian law committed in Urabba Parks could also constitute an offence in Urabba Parks. In this case, the court may try an accused person without a jury and subject them to disqualification, meaning that they cannot enter Urabbaparcensian territory.[Constitution 1] A person who fails to appear before a court can be indefinitely suspended.


The Constitution