Foreign relations of Urabba Parks

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The intermicronational relations of Urabba Parks are principally the responsibility of the Empire of Imvrassia. However, Urabba Parks also has entered into a treaty for the creation of the Flandrensian Ecological County of Urabba.

Participation of Urabba Parks in the intermicronational community

Urabba Parks participates in the micronational community as a Hegemony of the Empire of Imvrassia, a status which was acquired following an application made by Enactor Danny Racovolis on 23 June 2022.[1] The micronational diplomatic relations of Urabba Parks are officially the responsibility of the Emperor of Imvrassia.

Following an announcement by the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis on 14 August 2022,[2] Urabba Parks entered into the Treaty on the Establishment of the Flandrensian Ecological County (Sanctuary) of Urabba with the Grand Duchy on 18 August 2022, which enabled the creation of the territory at Rankins Springs.[3] As a sign of appreciation, Emperor Aggelos made Grand Duke Nicholas the Archon of the Flandrensian Ecological County of Urabba[4]

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