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The Urabbaparcensian Governance Service is the independent governance service of Urabba Parks. It is considered to be a fourth branch of government.

Legal basis


The reference to the term UGS employee to refer to a place occupant of an independent governance place (category W) falling in the table in subsection 100(4) of the Constitution first appears in the Interpretation Act 2022.[IA2022 1]

Removal of occupants of independent governance places

Subsection 100(1) of the Constitution of Urabba Parks provides that occupants of places falling in category W (independent governance places) are only removable by personnel of senior rank appointed to the entity of which the occupant is appointed, or by the Manager-General in Council with the on an address agreed to by each House of the Corporate Parliament in the same session. Subsection 100(2) provides that the Visitatorial Commission of Urabba Parks must (if constituted) determine if the grounds for the proposed removal are reasonable.[Constitution 1] This protects the independence of agencies in the independent governance service by protecting the holders of senior managerial positions in those agencies from removal by Ministers alone. The main difference between removal of officers in the independent governance service and the independent management service of Urabba Parks is the involvement of the Visitatorial Commission in the removal process.


Subsection 100(4) of the Constitution of Urabba Parks provides that the Urabbaparcensian Governance Service (referred to as the independent governance service) includes the Visitatorial Commission of Urabba Parks and includes other agencies such as Inquiries Urabba Parks (which conducts Enactorial Commissions, similar to Royal Commissions in Australia).[Constitution 2]

Reporting on compliance with Chapter 9 of the Constitution

Under sectionn 132 of the Constitution, the Visitatorial Commission reports to Parliament on its performance in relation to adherence to Chapter 9 of the Constitution (including the Urabba Parks Bill of Rights),[Constitution 3] matters raised by the independent governance service, distribution of surpluses through charity distributions and matters referred to it by Parliament.

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The Constitution

Interpretation Act 2022

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