Urabbaparcensian corporate budget

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The corporate budget of Urabba Parks is the means by which the Urabbaparcensian Government is funded.

Legal basis

Requirement for appropriation

Section 81 of the Constitution of Urabba Parks provides that revenues of the Executive Government of Urabba Parks shall be deposited into the Consolidated Revenue Fund.[Constitution 1] Furthermore, section 83 provides the Consolidated Revenue Fund is only appropriated by law, which is made by the Parliament of Urabba Parks.[Constitution 2]

Procedure for appropriation

Section 53 provides that laws 'appropriating revenue or moneys, or imposing taxation' may only be introduced in the House of Ordinaries.[Constitution 3] Additionally, under section 54, Bills for appropriation for the "ordinary annual services of the Government" shall only deal with such matters [Constitution 4] Furthermore, under section 56, Money Bills may only be introduced on the recommendation of the Manager-General of Urabba Parks.[Constitution 4]


The Constitution

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