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Total population
1[1] (2022)
Regions with significant populations
Urabbaparcensian English
Eastern Orthodox Christianity (Church in Urabba Parks)
Related ethnic groups

Urabbaparcensians, colloquially known as Urabbaparkans or Urabbans, are the citizens, nationals and individuals associated with the country of Urabba Parks. This connection may be residential, legal, historical or ethno-cultural. For most Urabbaparcensians, several (or all) of these connections exist and are collectively the source of their being Urabbaparcensian. As an Australian company, Urabba Parks relies on Urabbaparcensian Associateship along with membership of Urabba Parks as a legal status for belonging.


In order to become a full participant in the democratic process of Urabba Parks, a person requires both voting ordinary shares of Urabba Parks and Urabbaparcensian Associateship, which is a personal status declared under the law of Urabba Parks. Urabbaparcensian Associates are mentioned in item 7.5 of the table in subsection 112(5) of the Constitution of Urabba Parks.[Constitution 1]

Membership of Urabba Parks can only be offered on a private basis, because membership takes the form of shares which are regulated under Australian company law, and Urabba Parks as a proprietary (private) company under the Corporations Act 2001 cannot sell its shares to the public. While there are a number of exemptions available under the Corporations Act as a result of crowdfunding legislation through licensed platforms, the operators of those platforms are reluctant to accept a not-for-profit for registration. However, under the '20/12 rule', there is an option for Urabba Parks to sell by personal offer up to 20 memberships a year over a 12 month period.[2][CA2001 1]

Urabba Parks has four different types of membership: Honorary membership, service membership and ordinary membership. Voting ordinary shares of Urabba Parks are ordinary membership (shares) not having the rights to present to or succeed to a titular place or the Visitatorial Commission of Urabba Parks are considered voting ordinary shares.

In Urabba Parks, a represented member means a member of Urabba Parks who is either a voting ordinary shareholder and members who have the right to elect members of a House of the Parliament of Urabba Parks or a legislature of a jurisdictional division.[Constitution 2]

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1.^ Urabbaparcensian English is a de facto official language due to its widespread use.


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Corporations Act 2001

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