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Urabba Parks Pty Ltd (ACN 159 318 859) was incorporated as an Australian company on 3 July 2012.

Application for incorporation

Danny Racovolis made an application for registration of the Enactorate of Urabbaparcensia as a proprietary company limited by shares under the Corporations Act 2001 of the Commonwealth under the name Urabba Parks Pty Ltd (an abbreviation for Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited) and incorporated in the State of Victoria. The application was made on a paper form in person at the Australian Securities & Investments Commission office in Melbourne. The application for incorporation was granted upon lodgement over the counter, and Urabba Parks was assigned an Australian Company Number (ACN) - 159 318 859.

Current status

As at 4 August 2022, Urabba Parks Pty Ltd remains incorporated in Victoria as a proprietary company limited by shares with its registered office at the residence of Enactor Danny Racovolis in Melbourne.[1]

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