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The geography of Urabba Parks encompasses two sites in New Eurabba in the Riverina bioregion of New South Wales. The total area of Urabba Parks Pty Ltd is 3,335 m2 (35,900 sq ft).

Urabbaparcensian sites

In order to be Urabbaparcensian territory, land must be principally occupied by Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited or a wholly-owned subsidiary. The micronation has sites in Ward B of the Carrathool Shire in the Riverina bioregion of New South Wales, known as New Eurabba.


Urabba is the namesake locality of Urabba Parks, and is within the Campus of Rankins Springs in New Eurabba. According to a 2017 plan of boundary remarking by PHL Surveyors,[1] Urabba is a block of land with dimensions of 21.75 m × 60.35 m (71.4 ft × 198.0 ft), being a total area of 1,310 m2 (14,100 sq ft). Rankins Springs is a landlocked village approximately 219 m (719 ft) above sea level.[2] There is a slight gradient in Urabba Parks, with the UP1 range fronting Urabba Street being of slightly higher elevation than the UP4 range which fronts the unnamed lane running parallel with Urabba Street.


Promachos is riparian land, 2,025 m2 (21,800 sq ft) in area in Gunbar, a former village also located in the New Eurabba region purchased on 11 August 2023 by Enactor Danny Racovolis. Upon settlement on 9 September 2023, Racovolis named the land in honour of William Jackson, a Victoria Cross recipient born in Gunbar.[3]

Other localities


Melbourne is the interim micronational capital of Urabba Parks. Under section 125 of the Constitution, the Parliament sits at Melbourne until a Seat of Government is determined by Parliament or some other place chosen by the Manager‑General.[Constitution 1]


For the purposes of internal addressing and allotment processes, Urabba Parks is divided into ranges. A range is a geographical division that functions in a similar manner to a postcode zone, and is not necessarily a jurisdictional or administrative division.

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