Human rights in Urabba Parks

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Human rights in Urabba Parks have their basis in the Urabba Parks Bill of Rights, contained in the Constitution, which declares both individual and community rights.

Rights declared under the Urabba Parks Bill of Rights

Part 2 of Chapter 9 of the Constitution of Urabba Parks contains the Urabba Parks Bill of Rights, which guarantees the following rights:

The Urabba Parks Bill of Rights (Part 2 of Chapter 9 of the Constitution)
Division Subdivision
1—Individual rights A—Position on human rights 134 Human rights recognised in Australian law
B—Position on individual rights 135 Dignity of the individual
136 Protection of the environment
137 Fair comment
138 Equity of access, opportunity and representation
2—Community rights A—Public interest rights and responsibilities 139 Ethics and risk management
140 Freedom of information
141 Protection for whistleblowers
B—Relationship rights and responsibilities 142 Respectful relationships (see Women in Urabba Parks)
143 Relationships with other entities
144 Working with other charities
C—Stakeholder rights and responsibilities 145 Recognition of traditional owners
146 Consideration of matters raised in consultations and petitions
147 Incorporation of stakeholders
148 Service delivery
149 Health and safety and matters related to communication services (including rights in relation to privacy and personal information)

Reporting on compliance with human rights laws

The Visitatorial Commission of Urabba Parks reports to the Corporate Parliament on its performance in relation to adherence to Chapter 9 of the Constitution (including the Urabba Parks Bill of Rights),[Constitution 1] matters raised by the independent governance service, distribution of surpluses through charity distributions and matters referred to it by Parliament.

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