Charitable democracy (Urabba Parks)

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Charitable democracy is the combination of charity and democracy in Urabba Parks in the creation of a non-state jurisdiction which governs its subsidiaries.


In the introductory speech to the Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited Constitution Bill 2021, Danny Racovolis, founder of Urabba Parks, defined a charitable democracy as "a charity with a representative and jurisdictional governance structure that exercises legislative, executive and judicial power over its acquired charities."[Constitution 1]

The explanatory memorandum to the proclamation of the establishment of jurisdiction mentions the purpose of creating Urabba Parks as a non-state jurisdiction is to "showcase ‘charitable democracy’ to the world by creating a model jurisdiction which has governance powers over charities which work together to advance humanity and the environment together. By creating a governance system which values responsibility, accountability and creativity, Urabba Parks and its subsidiaries will be able to deliver high-quality relevant charitable services which are controlled and directed by our clients and stakeholders through the system of representative government as established by the new Constitution."[Constitution 2]


The Constitution


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