Park Minister of Urabba Parks

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Park Minister of Urabba Parks
Department of Park Minister and Cabinet (Urabba Parks)
  • Park Minister (informal)
StatusHead of government
Member of
Reports toHouse of Ordinaries
SeatUrabba House, UP1
Term lengthAt the Manager-General's pleasure
Formation3 May 2022; 16 months ago (2022-05-03)
DeputyDeputy Park Minister

The park minister of Urabba Parks is the head of government of Urabba Parks. The park minister heads the executive branch of the corporate government of Urabba Parks and is also accountable to corporate parliament under the principles of responsible government.

Formally appointed by the manager-general, the office of the park minister is governed by Westminster system convention as it is not described in the Urabbaparcensian constitution. To become Park minister, a politician should be able to command the confidence of the House of Ordinaries. As such, the park minister is typically the leader of the majority party or coalition. Park ministers do not have a set duration or number of terms, but an individual's term generally ends when their political party loses a corporate election, or they lose or relinquish the leadership of their party.

Executive power is formally vested in the monarch and exercised by the manager-general on advice from government ministers, who are nominated by the park minister and form the Proprietary Council. The most senior ministers form the corporate cabinet, which the park minister chairs. The park minister also heads the Micronational Cabinet and the Corporate Security Committee. Administrative support is provided by the Department of the Park Minister and Cabinet.

Constitutional basis and appointment

The park minister of Urabba Parks is appointed by the manager-general of Urabba Parks under Section 64 of the Urabbaparcensian constitution, which empowers the manager-general to appoint ministers of state (the office of Park minister is not mentioned) on the advice of the Proprietary Council, and requires them to be members of the House of Representatives or the Senate, or become members within three months of the appointment. The park minister and treasurer are traditionally members of the House, but the Constitution does not have such a requirement. Before being sworn in as a minister, a person must first be sworn in as a member of the Proprietary Council if they are not already a member. The senior members of the Proprietary Council constitute the Cabinet of Urabba Parks. The park minister is, like other ministers, normally sworn in by the manager-general and then presented with the commission (letters patent) of office. When defeated in an election, or on resigning, the park minister is said to "hand in the commission" and actually does so by returning it to the governor-general. In the event of a Park minister dying in office, or becoming incapacitated, or for other reasons, the manager-general can terminate the commission. Ministers hold office "during the pleasure of the manager-general" (s. 64 of the Constitution of Urabba Parks), so in practice, the governor-general can dismiss a minister at any time, by notifying them in writing of the termination of their commission; however, their power to do so except on the advice of the Park minister is heavily circumscribed by convention.

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