Demographics of Urabba Parks

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Demographics of Urabba Parks
The common seal of Urabba Parks, featuring five Commonwealth Stars on a chevron trefly-counter-trefly in between three Urabbaparcensian Crosses
18–44 years1
Major ethnicHellenic
SpokenUrabbaparcensian EnglishNote 1

The population of Urabba Parks consists of the people who are associated with Urabba Parks through holding both Urabbaparcensian Associateship and membership of Urabba Parks.


The Parliament of Urabba Parks has power, under section 51 of the Constitution, to legislate for census and statistics.51(xi) and provide for the declaration of Urabbaparcensian Associates. However, no laws have been enacted to provide for statistics or Urabbaparcensian Associateship.

Urabba Parks was founded in 2012 as a charity to hold and manage what is now the Flandrensian Ecological County of Urabba. As an ecological organisation, Urabba Parks has been reluctant to claim any population, and it was not until the adoption of the Constitution of Urabba Parks in the establishment of jurisdiction that a personal status known as Urabbaparcensian Associateship was adopted. Until becoming part of the Empire of Imvrassia as a Hegemony, Urabba Parks claimed to have a population of 'zero'. Danny Racovolis, as Mesazon of the Empire of Imvrassia, issued a memorandum stating the population of an Imvrassian Hegemony consists of "the Sebastokrator of the Hegemony and the persons who are declared by the Hegemony as its population in the latest statistics as notified to the Imperial Chancery."[1]

As of 17 September 2022, the Imvrassian Hegemony of Urabba Parks has a population of 1, being Danny Racovolis, the Enactor, who identifies as a person of Hellenic descent and an Eastern Orthodox Christian (Church in Urabba Parks).

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1.^ Urabbaparcensian English is a de facto official language due to its widespread use.


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