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The main language of Urabba Parks is Urabbaparcensian English, a slightly modified version of Australian English. There has also information relating to the micronation published in the Italian language. Aboriginal words have also influenced the nomenclature for things associated with Urabba Parks, including the name 'Urabba' itself.

The importance of creating lexicon for Urabba Parks

One of the major challenges to Urabba Parks is articulating what it actually is and what it does. A set of terminology is required to explain, as comprehensively but as simply as possible to explain the sui generis operational and governance structure of the micronation. Another reason for the creation of a new lexicon is to enable Urabba Parks to operate as a regulated entity of a macronation. Australian law, to which Urabba Parks is subject, both as a company and a charity, prohibits the use of names including "Defence Force", "Crown" and "Police", among others. Therefore, the name for the monarchy of Urabba Parks (and the equivalent of the Crown) is Management, a branch of the military of Urabba Parks is known as a "Service" not a "Force", and law enforcement officers are known as "guards" or "wardens". Also, cases regarding offences against the law of Urabba Parks are known as disciplinary cases, and not criminal cases, as not to cause any legal difficulties. Accordingly, penalties imposed by the judiciary are known as "sanctions", not "penalties" as to avoid violating the rule against penalties in contracts (the Constitution of Urabba Parks taking the form of a contract under Australian law).

While the Urabbaparcensian lexicon is being developed in English, there is also evidence of words being translated into other languages such as Italian.

Languages used in relation to Urabba Parks

The name of Urabba Parks is based on the Aboriginal Wiradjuri word meaning "a boggy creek".[1]

The adjective or demonym Urabbaparcensian is based on the Latin form of the name of Urabba Parks (Urabbaparcae or VRABBAPARCÆ).

Name and adjective of Urabba Parks in various languages
Language Name Adjective
Latin Urabbaparcae




Greek Υιοραμπα Πάρκα (official)

Ουράμπα Πάρκα (alternative)

Υιοραμπαπάρκική (neuter), Ουράμπαπάρκική

Υιοραμπαπάρκός (masculine), Ουράμπαπάρκός Υιοραμπαπάρκίδα (feminine), Ουράμπαπάρκίδα

Korean 우랍바공원 (official)

우랍바박스 (alternative)

우랍바박스인 (ulabbagong-won in), 우랍바공원사람 (ulabbagong-won salam), 우랍바박스사람 (ulabbapagseu salam)


Urabbaparcensian English is the variety of Australian English used in Urabba Parks and the micronation's common language, with terminology introduced during the establishment of jurisdiction resulting in the development of a Urabbaparcensian English vocabulary.


The announcement of the creation of the Flandrensian Ecological County of Urabba in August 2022 resulted in a page in the Italian language.[2]

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