Urabbaparcensian English

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Urabbaparcensian English
RegionUrabba Parks
Native speakers
1 (Danny Racovolis) (2022)[1]
Early forms
Latin (English alphabet)
Unified English Braille[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3
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Urabbaparcensian English is the set of varieties of the English language native to Urabba Parks, a charity located in Australia. It is the charity's common language and de facto national language; while Urabba Parks has no official language, English is the first language among the languages of Urabba Parks and among Urabbaparcensians. It is also the main language used in compulsory education, as well as corporate and divisional legislatures and courts.

Urabbaparcensian English began to diverge slightly from Australian English in its lexicon, idiom around the time of the establishment of jurisdiction. However, Urabbaparcensian English is similar to Australian English in its phonology, pronunciation, grammar and spelling. Due to its low number of speakers, Urabbaparcensian English is relatively consistent across the charity.


Evidence of the development of the Urabbaparcensian lexicon can be traced back to the Constitution of Urabba Parks adopted in 2021 at the establishment of jurisdiction. The adoption of a jurisdictional mode of governance for Urabba Parks as opposed to a conventional form of governance meant the creation of new phrases such as 'non-state jurisdiction' and the term 'Urabbaparcensian' itself.

Phonology and pronunciation

Urabbaparcensian English is pronounced in the same way as Australian English.

The vocabulary of Urabbaparcensian English serves to explain the various concepts related to Urabba Parks.

Many terms that are part of Urabbaparcensian English came about through the development of the Urabbaparcensian legal system, and are contained in the Constitution of Urabba Parks and Acts of the Corporate Parliament.

Comparison with Australian English

The lexicon of Urabbaparcensian English is slightly more British in character than Australian English, with terms such as 'allotment' in relation to the grant of membership. It could be possible the word 'allotment' could also refer to a piece of land attached to a shareholder.


The general rules of English Grammar which apply to Urabbaparcensian English are described at the Wikipedia article on English grammar. Grammatical differences between varieties of English are minor relative to differences in phonology and vocabulary and do not generally affect intelligibility.

Spelling and style

As in all English-speaking jurisdictions, there is no central authority that prescribes official usage with respect to matters of spelling, grammar, punctuation or style.

Punctuation and style

The Urabbaparcensian Government Style Manual is being developed as a style guide for Urabbaparcensian English.

The DD/MM/YYYY date format is followed and the 12-hour clock is generally used in everyday life (as opposed to service, police, and airline applications).

As is the case in Australia, the metric system units are used in Urabba Parks.

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