Law enforcement in Urabba Parks

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Law enforcement in Urabba Parks, along with courts, make up the organisation's justice system.


Urabba Parks Ranger Service

The Urabba Parks Ranger Service has law enforcement functions within areas not serviced by Corporate Guards.

Urabba Parks Corporate Guard Service

The Urabba Parks Corporate Guard Service is the internal police force of Urabba Parks at a corporate (federal) level.


Military Police, also known as Service Guards, are the law enforcement branches of the services of a military tasked with enforcing and investigating offences violating military law. In Urabba Parks, each service of the Urabbaparcensian Defence Service maintains its independent internal police force made up of military personnel from that service. Along with the independent service police forces is the Urabbaparcensian Defence Service Investigative Service, a special UDS unit made up of Investigators from each service's police and tasked with investigating more serious military offences.

Law enforcement duties in the Urabbaparcensian Army are provided by the Enactorial Urabbaparcensian Corps of Service Guards. SGs provide everything from general law enforcement duties on military installations to investigations, close personal protection and more.

In the Enactorial Urabbaparcensian Navy, they are known as Nautical Guards. In the Enactorial Urabbaparcensian Air Service the Air Service Guards are responsible for security.

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