Enactorial Urabbaparcensian Navy

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Enactorial Urabbaparcensian Navy
File:Enactorial Urabbaparcensian Navy.svg
Badge of the Enactorial Urabbaparcensian Navy
Country Urabba Parks
  • Environmental protection
  • Marine safety
  • Environmental research
  • Logistical support
Part of Urabbaparcensian Defence Service
Branch group Urabba Parks Nautical Service
MarchI Will Keep the Sea of My Country Eternal
Commander-in-chiefThe Manager-General as representative of Daniel Racovolis as Enactor of Urabba Parks[2]
Chief of the Defence Service(vacant)
Chief of Nautical Operations(vacant)
Chief of Navy(vacant)
Deputy Chief of Navy(vacant)
Commander Urabbaparcensian Fleet(vacant)
Naval ensign
Naval jack
Enactor's Colour
File:Enactor's Colour for the Enactorial Urabbaparcensian Navy.svg

The Enactorial Urabbaparcensian Navy (EUN) is a branch the Urabbaparcensian Defence Service that defends the interests of Australia and its allies by way of marine safety and environmental operations, such as underwater revegetation, logistical support and pollution management. The EUN is said to be in combat against reef degradation. Together with the Urabba Parks Coastcare Service, Urabba Parks Surf Life Saving and affiliated private services, the Enactorial Urabbaparcensian Navy forms the Urabba Parks Nautical Service, part of the Urabba Parks Operations Network.

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