Taxation in Urabba Parks

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Template:Economy of Urabba Parks Taxation in Urabba Parks consists of corporate membership fees and income levies imposed by the Urabbaparcensian Government under authorisation from the Corporate Parliament.

Legal basis

Revenue items

Subsection 4 of the Constitution of Urabba Parks[Constitution 1] provides that revenue items consist of:

(a)  an income levy;
(b)  a levy on a supply made by an entity;
(c)  a levy on acquisitions and expenditure of an entity;
(d)  a levy on the creation or addition to the value of inventory;
(e)  a membership fee payable to the Executive Government;
(f)  a transfer fee or transfer levy on any security (including membership);
(g)  a fee to register or remain registered on an electoral roll used for an internal proceeding.

Procedure for imposition

Section 53 provides that laws 'appropriating revenue or moneys, or imposing taxation' may only be introduced in the House of Ordinaries.[Constitution 2] Additionally, under section 55, Bills for appropriation for revenue items shall only deal with such matters.[Constitution 3]


The Constitution

  1. Subsection 4(1) - definition of revenue item
  2. Section 53
  3. Section 55

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