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Green football shirt emblazoned with the Enactorial Arms and Urabbaparcensian Cross
Urabba Parks FC kit

Sport in Urabba Parks generally takes the form of participation in fantasy leagues and sports administration, and is an important to the development of the Urabbaparcensian culture. Urabba Parks Pty Ltd participates in intermicronational sporting competitions in its own right as the Urabba Parks Cockatoos and is member of the Micronationalist Martial Arts Association.


Upon joining the active MicroWiki sector in 2022, Urabba Parks Proprietary Limited set out to develop its intermicronational reputation through participation in organisations, and eventually affiliated with the Empire of Imvrassia as a Hegemony in June 2022. Although the micronational diplomatic relations of Urabba Parks are the responsibility of Imvrassia, the Hegemony of Urabba Parks may enter Urabbaparcensian sporting teams.

Association football

The Urabba Parks Cockatoos, formerly Urabba Parks Football Club, is the Urabbaparcensian association football (soccer) team. The Cockatoos compete in the MicroNations League Trophy, a Premier League fantasy football competition, having first competed in the 2022-2023 season.

Australian rules football

Urabba Parks is active in tipping competitions in the Australian Football League Premiership seasons. The Urabba Parks Cockatoos won the inaugural MicroAFL League Championship in 2023.[1] The micronation has also entered the initial season of the MicroAFLW League as the Urabba Parks Ockatoos (the 'C' being omitted due to rejection of the name by the online system).

Martial arts

On 15 August 2022, Urabba Parks was admitted as a member of the Micronationalist Martial Arts Association (MMAA).[2] Through membership of the MMAA, Urabba Parks intends to bring professionalism to micronational sports administration, helping intermicronational sporting bodies develop their capability to build strong relationships among micronations.

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