Observances of Urabba Parks

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Significant days observed by Urabba Parks fall between March and September.

List of observances

Days mentioned in official sources issued by the Urabbaparcensian Government note significant days relating to the history of Urabba Parks.

Observances of Urabba Parks
Date Observance Significance
5 March Jurisdiction Day Establishment of jurisdiction, when Urabba Parks became a non-state jurisdiction in 2021 with the adoption of the Constitution, which established a nation-like governance structure
3 July Incorporation Day Incorporation of Urabba Parks, when Urabba Parks came into existence as an Australian company in 2012 at Melbourne
9 July Park Day The day Danny Racovolis, founding Enactor of Urabba Parks, transferred from his personal name to Urabba Parks the territory Urabba in Rankins Springs[Constitution 1]
10 August Urabba Day The day Racovolis acquired Urabba in 2011 under his personal name[Constitution 2]
4 September Flandrensis Day The foundation of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis in 2008, and the establishment of Urabba as an ecological sancturary (under the name Flandrensian Ecological County of Urabba) in 2022

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