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Inquiries Urabba Parks is an entity of the Urabbaparcensian Governance Service responsible for the administration of public inquiries into the conduct of Urabba Parks, including Enactorial Commissions of Inquiry.


Item 4.3 of the table in subsection 100(4) of the Constitution of Urabba Parks mentions Inquiries Urabba Parks within the independent governance service (the Urabbaparcensian Governance Service). The table also has item 4.3.0.q relating to Enactorial Commissions of Inquiry (the equivalent of Royal Commissions in Commonwealth legal systems), with 'q' substituted for the number of the inquiry. An Enactorial Commission is constituted by Enactorial Commissioners who are classified in category Q and are appointed on the presentation of service members of Urabba Parks.[Constitution 1] The classification of Enactorial Commissioners in category Q allows for their ability to gather information under the agreement of jurisdiction, binding the parties to the Constitution and those voluntarily willing to be bound by the Urabbaparcensian legal system. The linking of an appointment of an Enactorial Commissioner to a service member is to ensure their independence is protected by the Constitution.

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