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An Honorary Manager is a position held by the Enactor of Urabba Parks and other senior members of the Enactorial Household, as well as the representatives of the Enactor in each entity having foundation in Urabba Parks.


Subsection 4(1) of the Constitution defines an 'Honorary Manager' as being means an occupant of a registered place beginning with ‘1.0’ that is an administrative place (category A). Subsection 4(1) also defines a registered place as a place that is or falls in a registration item in a registration table in the Constitution.

[Constitution 1]

The registration table in subsection 20(3) contains a list of registered places beginning with ‘1.0’ including:

Item 1.0.0.x - Member of the Enactorial Household,[Constitution 2] this includes the Enactor (who falls in item item[Constitution 3]) and any potential Regent who acts in relation to the monarch in the case of minority or long-term incapacity. All places falling in this category are in category H (household places). The Enactor may declare a place within this item as an Honorary Manager place if so declared as category A (administrative place).

Item 1.0.h.x - Place associated with:

(a) the visitation of an entity having foundation in Urabba Parks;
(b) the Chairman of an entity having foundation in Urabba Parks;
(c) the representation of the Enactor in or the administration of the management of an entity having foundation in Urabba Parks; or
(d) officers of the Executive Government of an entity having foundation in Urabba Parks having responsibility over Urabba Parks[Constitution 4]

In these registration items, the component 'h' is allocated in the order the entity's foundational seniority, while 'x' is allocated in the order of the seniority of the person within the entity.


The designation as an Honorary Manager allows the person to act as or for the Enactor.

Item 9.0.x of the table in section 127 of the Constitution provides for places in category U, which subsection 4(1) defines as honorary places on the condition they are declared as such by the Enactor, acting by way of an Honorary Manager.[Constitution 5] This has the effect of reserving some of the functions of the Enactor as fount of honour (fons honorum) in relation to the Urabbaparcensian Honours System.

Subsection 4(1) extends the definition of 'Manager-General' to include "an Honorary Manager present on the premises or at the proceedings of Urabba Parks", allowing the Enactor and his representatives in entities having foundation to exercise the powers of the Manager-General on the advice of the Proprietary Council.[Constitution 6]


As of 8 August 2022, Daniel Racovolis is the sole Honorary Manager and has been so since establishment of jurisdiction.

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