Order of the Melting Mountain

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Order of the Melting Mountain
Medal of the Order of the Melting Mountain
Awarded by the
Grand Duke of Flandrensis
TypeOrder of knighthood
EstablishedDecember 2015
MottoNo Humans, Only Nature
EligibilityFor all citizens of Flandrensis. Honorary knighthoods can be awarded at the discretion of the Grand Duke.
Awarded forAchievements in raising awareness for climate change and defending the environment
StatusCurrently constituted
Grand MasterNicholas de Mersch d’Oyenberghe
GradesKnight / Knight Grand Cross / Knight Grand Commander
First induction2016
Last induction2021
Next (higher)Order of Saint Polycarpus
Next (lower)Order of Flandrensis

Ribbon bar of the Order of the Melting Mountain

The Order of the Melting Mountain is a Flandrensian chivalric order founded in December 2015 by Nicholas de Mersch d’Oyenberghe, to reward Flandrensians for fighting against climate change. Currently, there are several grades in the Order. Promotions are awarded on Flandrensis Day (September 4) to citizens for remarkable deeds for the environment. The Order is reserved for Flandrensian nationals, but an honorary knighthood can be bestowed on foreign nationals at the discretion of the Grand Master. The Order is awarded by Grand Ducal Decree.


All citizens, upon applying for citizenship, promise to protect the earth, respect the environment and all living things and to wear the Flandrensian citizenship with pride. Every Flandrensian citizen is therefore automatically admitted at the rank of “Knight” into the Order of the Melting Mountain. In 2021, the Grand Duke, in his capacity as Grand Master of the Order, together with the Chancellor of Flandrensis and the Institute of Nobility and Heraldry headed by the Chief Herald, have restructured the Order. The main changes to the Order’s statutes included limiting its membership to Flandrensian nationals and adding a third and highest grade of Grand Commander. The wearing of insignia for members of the Order was also amended, with a new badge having been designed for the order. All foreign nationals previously awarded with the Knighthood of the Order of the Melting Mountain have automatically received instead an Honorary Knighthood, which does not come with the same privileges as the full knighthood of the order.

Grades and Insignia

The order today has three grades:

  • Knight: badge worn on the left breast suspended from a ribbon.
  • Knight Grand Cross: badge around neck suspended from a ribbon necklet.
  • Knight Grand Commander: star displayed on left breast.

The badge of the Order is a metal Maltese Cross, in gold, with a wreath of laurel leaves of the same metal between the arms of the cross. The obverse central disc features a white mountain and a sea on a blue enamel background surrounded by a red enamel ring. The badge is topped by a crown of the same metal. The ribbon of the Order is blue.

Grand Master of the Order

2015 - current