Order of Saint Polycarpus

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Order of Saint Polycarpus
Medal of the Order of Saint Polycarpus
Awarded by the
Grand Duke of Flandrensis
TypeOrder of knighthood
EstablishedFebruary 2021, old order in 2009
MottoAduror Nec Uro
EligibilityArmigerous Peers of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
Awarded forAwarded for continued commitment to Flandrensis, for personal ethics, character, and readiness to defend the moral foundations upon which Flandrensis is built
StatusCurrently constituted
Grand MasterNicholas de Mersch d’Oyenberghe
GradesKnight / Knight Commander / Knight Grand Cross
First induction2009
Next (higher)None (highest)
Next (lower)Order of the Melting Mountain

Ribbon bar of the Order of Saint Polycarpus

The Order of Saint Polycarpus is a Flandrensian chivalric order founded originally in 2009 under the name “Holy Military Order of Saint Polycarpus” but, after a long period of inactivity, was dissolved and reconstituted in February 2021 by Nicholas de Mersch d’Oyenberghe, the order’s Grand Master. The order is the most senior order of knighthood in the Flandrensian system of awards.

The order is reserved for armigerous peers of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis, who have shown commitment to Flandrensian values, and are active, or have previously been active for several consecutive years, in Flandrensian politics of civil service. The order has three grades and is awarded at the Grand Duke’s pleasure, with recommendation from the Grand Ducal Cabinet and Privy Council. Knighthoods of, and promotions within, the order are bestowed yearly on the feast day of Saint Polycarp (23 February). The Order is awarded by Grand Ducal Decree.


The Order was constituted in 2009 to reward foreign micronationalists for supporting Flandrensis. It is also the second oldest order in Flandrensis, albeit operating under new statutes since February 2021. After the major political and ideological changes Flandrensis has undergone since 2016, the Order of Saint Polycarpus is one of the few elements remaining from the Grand Duchy’s early years.

Today, the knighthood of the Order of Saint Polycarpus is bestowed exclusively on armigerous citizens who have been admitted into the Peerage of Flandrensis. It is the highest and most exclusive honour of the Grand Duchy. To be admissible, one must also have actively served the Grand Duke either in a political or diplomatic capacity for a minimum of two years. The statutes of the Order require a Knight or Dame to show continued commitment and service to Flandrensis for an additional two years before being promotable to a higher grade. This requirement can, however, be waived by the Grand Duke in his capacity as Grand Master of the Order.

While de facto dormant for several years, in 2021, the Grand Duke together with the Chancellor of Flandrensis and the Institute of Nobility and Heraldry headed by the Chief Herald, have formally dissolved and reconstituted the Order under new statutes as part of the 2021 reforms of the Flandrensian honours system.

Being reconstituted and only awarded to Flandrensian Peers with a track record of civil and political service today, all pre-2021 recipients of the Order’s knighthood have lost their membership and accompanying privileges. They may, nonetheless, continue to wear the titles bestowed onto them at an earlier date if they explicitly specify they received it before the 2021 reforms.

Grades and Insignia

The order today has three grades:

  • Knight: badge worn on the left breast suspended from a ribbon.
  • Knight Commander: badge around neck suspended from a ribbon necklet.
  • Knight Grand Cross: sash with badge hanging on the left side of the body, over the right shoulder, and star displayed on left breast.

The badge of the Order is a regular octagram made of blue enamel, the spaces between the rays filled with red flames. On the gold medallion in the center a burning stake surrounded by the words Aduror Nec Uro ("I am being set aflame yet I do not burn") is engraved. The official uniform consists of an evening dress, with a dark red embroidered cape.

Knights Grand Cross wear a sash and a star on the left side of the breast; Commanders wear a cross around the neck; and Knights wear a smaller cross on the left breast of the uniform.

The ribbon of the Order is red.

Grand Master of the Order

2015 - current