Foreign relations of Flandrensis

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Coat of Arms of Flandrensis
Ministry overview
JurisdictionGrand Duchy of Flandrensis
Minister responsible
  • Eduard Boada d’Aguilla, Minister of Foreign Affairs
WebsiteOfficial Website

The foreign relations of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis are implemented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs who is part of the Grand Ducal Cabinet, the executive power in Flandrensis.

Foreign policy


Since its foundation in 2008 Flandrensis signed more than 200 treaties of friendship and mutual recognition with other micronations. Unfortunately, many of those recognized micronations no longer exist. Therefore Flandrensis has a very restricted policy and limits its recognitions. Since 2020 Flandrensis informally acknowledges all micronations: being friendly toward all other micronations, large and small, and assist or advice in helping new micronationalists. Flandrensis will only sign treaties on special occasions, with other micronations who are in total alignment with Flandrensis’ foreign policy, climate policy, individual freedom policy, etc.

A current list of recognised micronations can be consulted on the official website of Flandrensis.


Flandrensis has not sought to establish formal bilateral relations with any other state, and does not intend to do so. Official statements on macronations are mainly limited to ecological topics. All official communications with governments or other organisations (for example the United National Environment Programme) are done through the non-profit “vzw Groothertogdom Flandrensis”.

Ministers of Foreign Affairs

The Minister of Foreign Affairs who is part of the Grand Ducal Cabinet, the executive power in Flandrensis.

Diplomatic Corps

Members of the Flandrensian Diplomatic Corps are diplomats who represents the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis in another sovereign state (macronation). Ambassadors and Consuls enlarge the Flandrensian community and assist the development of our national identity. They have contacts with local authorities and organizations, organize occasional meetings with citizens or other micronationalists and raise awareness about Flandrensis and climate change in their local community.

There are two categories in the Diplomatic Corps. Ambassadors are the single point of contact for the Sovereign for matters related to the entire country. In precise regions with large group of Flandrensians the Sovereign can appoint Consuls who are active or smaller regional level. After a long-time career in the diplomatic corps, the Sovereign can appoint senior diplomats as Honoury Consuls.

Intermicronational relations

Intermicronational organizations

Flandrensis is a member state of the following organizations:

Former participation

Flandrensis was a member state of the following organizations:

Intermicronational conferences