Hugo De Saint Paul

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Hugo de Saint Paul
Coat of Arms of Hugo De Saint Paul
Minister in Flandrensis
in office
Ambassador of Flandrensis
In office
Minister of Flandrensis
Assumed office
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Centumcellae
Assumed office
Prime Minister of Centumcellae
Assumed office
Predecessor Elijah Giordano
Councillor in the Privy Council of Flandrensis
assumed office
Advisor of H.R.H Manuel Maria of Centumcellae
assumed office
Ambassador for Flandrensis to the OMF
In office:
Citizenship Flandrensisian
Nationality Portuguese
Political party Royalist Movement
Religion Catholic

Hugo de Saint Paul was a Minister the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis. He also was during a short period of time the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister of the Principality of Centumcellae. Currently, he is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Flandrensis and exerces the function of Ambassador of Flandrensis in Luxembourg.


Flandrensis Era

Hugo de Saint Paul joined Flandrensis in 2018 an immediately took office as Minister of Communications. His task was to revive the oldest micronational newspaper the Flandrensis Times. Soon after, he became a member of the Flandrensis Diplomatic Corps and became an Ambassador in Luxembourg. A few months later, he became a simle Minister. He represented Flandrensis as observer in the GUM and in other "Discord" networks. After a busy year he decided to "slow down" on micronationalism and became a member of the Grand Ducal Privy Council, composed of Ex-Ministers of Flandrensis.

Centumcellae Era

A few months after becoming Councillor in the Privy Council of Flandrensis, Hugo de Saint Paul joined the relatively young micronation: Principality of Centumcellae. His first office was Minister of Foreign Affairs, due to his polyglotism. He started to massively create diplomatic relations with other micronations, like Flandrensis or Karnia-Ruthenia. Soon after, the then Prime Minister had to resign because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Hugo de Saint Paul took office and immediately declared the state of sanitary and political emergency, which allowed him to take decisions faster. Before the next elections, he created the Latine Confederatio together with the Prince of Centumcellae and the Prince of Ledilia. He decided to not be candidate for his reelection, but he is still an official advisor to H.R.H Manuel Maria of Centumcellae.

Flandrensis "the comeback"

In June 2020, Hugo de Saint-Paul came back to Flandrensis and became Minister again. He worked on several projects, such as the foreign policy reform, the Flandrensis Times and much more.

In September 2020, he was promoted to Count de Saint-Paul and became Captain of the Grand Ducal Guard.

In August 2020, the Grand Duke Nicholas appointed him as Ambassador to the Organisation de la Microfrancophonie. He's the only ambassador that Flandrensis has for an Organisation.

In January 2021, the Chancellor of Flandrensis Marquis Joaquín Castillo-Lopez gave him the Foreign Affairs portfolio. He is currently in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Flandrensis.

Titles & awards


Depending on the situation, Hugo De Saint-Paul has different titles.

As Prince of Augustania: "His Royal Highness, Hugo de Saint-Paul, Prince of Augustania"

As Minister of Flandrensis: "His Excellency, Count Hugo de Saint-Paul"

As Duke of Centumcellae: "His Grace, Duke Hugo of Centumcellae"

In general is entire title is: "His Royal Highness, Hugo, Prince of Augustania, Duke of Centumcellae, Count de Saint-Paul"

Augustanian Titles and Honors:

  • AugustaniaFlag.jpg Prince of Augustania
  • AugustaniaFlag.jpg Chancellor of the Augustanian Chivalric Order
  • AugustaniaFlag.jpg Grand Master of the Order of the Golden Lion

Flandrensian Titles and Honors:

  • Vlag.jpg Count de Saint Paul
  • Vlag.jpg Baron de Saint Paul
  • Vlag.jpg Knight Grand Cross in the Order of Flandrensis
  • Vlag.jpg Knight in the Order of the Melting Mountain

Centumcellaean Titles and Honors:

  • Centumcellae.png Duke of Centumcellae
  • Centumcellae.png Knight Grand Cross of the Ordo Paupera

State Coat of Arms Flandrensis.png


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