Gazet van Giddis

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Gazet of Giddis
TypeOnline newspaper
Owner(s)Black Sun Corporation
Founded20 October 2009 (successor of the Flandrensis Times)
Political alignmentNeutral
Country Flandrensis

The Gazet of Giddis (Dutch: Gazet van Giddis) is a Flandrensisian periodic newspaper. It is owned by the Black Sun Corporation and subsidized by the Government of Flandrensis, however, the newspaper's view is neutral.


The Gazet of Giddis was founded on October 29, 2009 as the successor of the Flandrensis Times by Lyam Desmet. Although the Flandrensis Times was in 2009 one of the most read newspapers on MicroWiki the management often came into conflict with the admin Ptcancer who deleted several articles because anti-socialist or anti-Erusian ( months later Ptcancer was unmasked as Robert Lethler of Erusia himself). On October 20, 2009 Lyam Desmet announced the end of the Flandrensis Times and the birth of a new newspaper: the Gazet of Giddis.

I’ve decided to quit with the Flandrensis Times because I believe that the freedom of speech and freedom of press, two important rights in the Constitution of Flandrensis, on MicroWiki is limited.

— Lyam Desmet

From October 2009 until October 2010 the newspaper was written in Dutch and it was only published in Flandrensis. After the major reforms and changes in the micronational community Lyam Desmet decided to publish the newspaper again online on Wordpress with 2.982 visitors. In October 2011 the Gazet of Giddis left Wordpress and was reformed into