Order of Flandrensis

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Order of Flandrensis

Order of Flandrensis.png
Awarded by the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
Type: Chivalric order
Awarded For: Friendship or appreciation towards the others or the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
Status: Currently Awarded
Established: September 4 2008

The Order of Flandresnis (Dutch: "Orde van Flandrensis") is a chivalric order of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis designed by Niels I of Flandrensis, which is the Grandmaster of the Order. It was established with the foundation of Flandrensis and is the oldest order in Flandrensis.

Currently, the Flandrensisian Order is awarded for appreciation towards the citizens and the government of Flandrensis, especially for meritorious service in public employment. The Order is also eligible for bestowal to foreign nationals and was already awarded to personnel of other countries that had relations with Flandrensis. The Flandrensisian Order is awarded by Grand Ducal Decree.


The order is divided into four known degrees:

  • Grandmaster (which is covered usually by the Grand Duke)
  • Knight Grand Commander (Grootcommandeur)
  • Commander (Commandeur)
  • Knight (Ridder)


Recipients of the Order are directly chosen by the Grand Duke. They receive a special certificate, virtually stamped by the Grand Duchy, and written in Dutch.

Knight Grand Commander

  • Alexander Reinhardt
  • James von Puchow
  • Daniel Morris
  • Lyam Desmet
  • Maarten of Arkel
  • William Black
  • Aldrich Lucas
  • Federico Curridor
  • Hein of Giddis
  • Christopher Beyette
  • Travis McHenry
  • Count Waesche
  • Sven of Ledda
  • Frank Verkerk de Beauville
  • Yaroslav Mar


  • Nikola Lasica
  • Quentin of Wyvern
  • Stefan Isakov
  • Tom Turner
  • Jeff Kloepfer
  • Robert Lynn von Cathcart


  • James Lunam
  • Victoria Benjamin
  • Adam of Überstadt
  • Jason Alger
  • David Powell
  • Barnaby Hands
  • Ewan Whitmore
  • Jasper of Cortoricacum
  • Wesley of Stormvogel
  • Will Soergel
  • Antonio Reek
  • Nick of Noordermark



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