Order of Flandrensis

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Order of Flandrensis
Order of Flandrensis.png
Medal of the Order of Flandrensis
Awarded by the
Grand Duke of Flandrensis
TypeOrder of knighthood
EstablishedSeptember 4 2008
MottoFlandrensis Domi Nostra
Awarded forFriendship or appreciation towards the others or the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
StatusCurrently constituted
Grand MasterNicholas de Mersch d’Oyenberghe
GradesKnight Grand Cross
First induction2008

The Order of Flandrensis (Dutch: "Orde van Flandrensis") is a chivalric order of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis designed by Nicholas de Mersch d’Oyenberghe, which is the Grandmaster of the Order. It was established with the foundation of Flandrensis and is the oldest order in Flandrensis.

Currently, the Flandrensian Order is awarded by the Grand Ducal family for appreciation towards the citizens and the government of Flandrensis, especially for meritorious service in public employment. The Order is also eligible for bestowal to foreign nationals and was already awarded to personnel of other countries that had relations with Flandrensis. The Flandrensian Order is awarded by Grand Ducal Decree.


The order is divided into four known degrees:

  • Grandmaster (which is covered usually by the Grand Duke)
  • Knight Grand Cross

State Coat of Arms Flandrensis.png


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