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The Birmingham Sector is a sector of the Microwiki Community based in Birmingham, UK. The sector is home to several major territories of the Empire of Adammia and the Kingdom of Wazakhstan.

Micronational activity is focussed in the south of the city, in the areas surrounding the University of Birmingham, where most of the micronationalists in the city study. The Adammic region of South Adammia is situated in the Selly Oak area, and consists of the provinces of Serkatia, Alluria and Paternia. Adammia also operates a naval base by the canal-side in Pererria in the city centre (although this base is expected to be moved in the near future). The Wazakhstani Duchy of Wazmania is located in nearby Edgbaston.

Noted residents of Birmingham Sector territories include Adam I, Emperor of Adammia; Sir Alex Helliker, Prime Minister of Adammia; Ned Hilton, Prime Minister of Wazakhstan; and Admiral Ems Simpson, Leader of the Opposition in Adammia. Many of the sector's most influential micronationalists are members of the so-called Liberal Drinks Mafia, an informal group of members of the University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats; indeed, liberalism is the prevailing political ideology in both Adammia and Wazakhstan. The current total population of the sector is 18.


The first recorded micronational territory in Birmingham was the Adammic Colony of Alluria, set up in Edgbaston on 8 October 2016 by Emperor Adam I and Luca Panconi. After expanding its population and military presence in the area throughout early 2017, Adammia moved Alluria to nearby Selly Oak in September of that year. In late 2017, Adammia rapidly expanded its operations in Selly Oak and moved its central government to the area from its former headquarters in Yorkshire; this led to the creation of the current provinces of Serkatia, Alluria and Paternia. In November 2017, having been partially inspired by Adammia's expansion in the area, Ned Hilton established Wazakhstan, which soon established contact with Adammia. Now with two micronations operating in the city, the first references were soon made to the "Birmingham Sector".