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Maple Bank, the official residence of the Prime Minister.
Maple Bank, the official residence of the Prime Minister.
CountryKingdom of Wazakhstan
RegionSouth Wazakhstan
 • TypeExecutive Council
 • BodyWazmania Executive Council
 • Councillor (Waztana Ward)Ethan Thompson
 • Total2
 • Rank=4th in Wazakhstan
Time zoneUTC0 (UTC)

Waztana is a city in Wazakhstan. Located in Wazmania, the city houses the official residence of the Prime Minister. The city is the only in the duchy and is located 47 miles to the south of the duchy of Wazbekistan. It is a major settlement in the Birmingham Sector and is the nearest part of the Kingdom to another known micronation, the Empire of Adammia.


Flat 48

Flat 48 is the official governmental residence of the Prime Minister. Inhabited by Hilton, Thompson and three other non Wazakhstani citizens, it is the seat of most power in the micronation as Hilton currently assumes de facto rule of the state. It is a part of the Maple Bank estate which is home to many students of the University of Birmingham. Located Edgbaston, it is roughly a mile from the council ward, North Edgbaston, in which Hilton stood in the Birmingham City Council election for the Liberal Democrats. Flat 48 is situated in the Edgbaston Ward and Hilton and others voted for up to 2 candidates there.

Waztana Cricket Ground

The Waztana Cricket Ground is the hallway of Flat 48 often used by residents as a makeshift cricket pitch on which a variation of cricket is played. Often one person will bowl from the southern end of the corridor to the person batting at the northern end. In some instances, a fielder may be stood in one of the doorways off the corridor to catch a shot played by the batter.

The site has been visited by numerous Wazakhstani nationals who reside in other cities. Upon visits to the city, the King has been known to play on the ground as a fan and player of cricket. A similar pitch is located in the Royal Crewe Flats Palace in Skinny-White-Boy.

Waztana Garages

The Waztana Garages, located in the grounds of the Maple Bank Estate are multi-use sheds used to house the residents' most frequent form of transport, the Bicycle.


As the main form of transport used by residents is the bicycle, the British maintained highways outside the city are frequented by residents wishing to travel outside the nation. The city is also adjacent to the Worcester and Birmingham Canal and can be accessed on foot or by bicycle, with access to the centre of Birmingham to the north, or Selly Oak to the south. The Adammic territory of Pererria lies on the canal around a mile to the south, and can be directly accessed from Waztana via the towpath.

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