Kingdom of Wazakhstan

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Kingdom of Wazakhstan
  • Королевство Вазахстан (Russian)
  • Reino de Wazakhstan (Spanish)
  • Royaume De Wazakhstan (French)
  • Reich Wazakhstan (German)
Coat of arms
Motto: In ipso speramus (Latin: In him we trust.)
Anthem: National: All star

Approximate locations of major cities shown within the United Kingdom
CapitalYour Mum
Largest citySmashmouth
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAutocratic Unitary State
• King
King Waz I
Ned Hilton
• Deputy Prime Minister
James Hodson
• Census
CurrencyPound Sterling (GBP)
Time zoneUTC

The Kingdom of Wazakhstan, more commonly known as Wazakhstan, is a micronation located in various regions in Great Britain, including Sheffield, Birmingham, West Yorkshire and Cheshire. The Capital City is Your Mum, located in the Your Mum Capital Territory. The nation is divided into five geographical subdivisions; four duchies: Wazmania which includes two Oblasts, Wazerbaijan, Wazambique and Wazbekistan; and one territory: Your Mum Capital Territory. Other primary cities include the largest city Smashmouth, Skinny-White-Boy and Waztana.

The current and so far only Head of State is King Waz I, who has held the position since Wazakhstan's foundation as a micronation in November 2017. The Head of government is currently held by Prime Minister, HE Ned Hilton, of the Liberal Party. The Houses of Parliament are located in the city of Waztana.

On the 27th of November the Prime Minister, Ned Hilton, established the first diplomatic ties with another Micronation, after meeting Adam I and then Prime Minister Sir Alex Helliker of the Empire of Adammia at the Emperor's Fabulous Quiz.



The name of the country is derived from the current head of state, King Waz I. His full name William, was shortened to Waz as an affectionate nickname when he rose to prominent social media fame. Upon the creation of an Instagram account dedicated to his activities, the name Waz was used officially for the first time. Occasionally, this name is used with his family name Rowe, which is taken from his father's side. Upon the creation of the micronation, the name Waz was blended with the name of the sovereign state, Kazakhstan, in order to create the portmanteau Wazakhstan. This somewhat catchy name was very popular among the King's associates and thus the name stuck.


A similar process was used when names were created for the various subdivisions of the country, with new portmanteaus being created by adding 'Waz' to existing names such as Tasmania, Azerbaijan, Mozambique and Uzbekistan to form the names of the Duchies.


The derivation of the names of the cities is highly varied and does not follow the conventional pattern for that of the duchies. The capital city, Your Mum takes its name from the common phrase "Your Mum" used in jokes as a silly response to a wide range of questions. Considered somewhat immature, this phrase and subsequent use as a place-name can be attributed to Ned Hilton's immature sense of humour. Largest city, Smashmouth takes its name from the band who sings the national anthem All Star, American group Smash Mouth. The name of Wazambique's other major settlement Estereal, is a blend of two Spanish words, este and real, meaning east and royal. This is because the city is located in the east of the duchy and is adjacent to the royal territory - Your Mum Capital Territory, where the King's permanent residence is located. Waztana does follow the original pattern of 'Waz' replacing the first syllable of a traditional name, with the Kazakh capital of Astana being changed in this way. In the Duchy of Wazerbaijan, cities Skinny-White-Boy and Corzo follow different patterns again. The former takes its name from the nickname given to Waz by friends to describe his build and colouration. The latter however is derived from the Spanish word for a Roe - Corzo, as this settlement is located on a road name Roebuck Road in Crookesmoor area of Sheffield. Lastly, Colinagrad takes its name from the Spanish word for hill - colina, fused with the common ending for Russian place names '-grad'. Given that both citizens living in this city are related to Ned Hilton and take the same surname, the 'Hil-' part meaning a hill was translated and the '-grad' ending was added to spice up the name a little.


The two Oblasts, located in Wazmania, do not follow a consistent pattern of naming. Metchleygrad is a portmanteau of the name of the area which the oblast occupies, the Metchley Lane sports pitches; and the suffix -grad, commonly used in the naming of Russian settlements. Goodbold is named after a former PE teacher of the King and many citizens who were taught by him at Ilkley Grammar School. This is in light of the territory that the oblast occupies: a centre circle of a football pitch in Selly Park, Birmingham.



The Kingdom of Wazakhstan was founded by Ned Hilton on the 27th November 2017. The idea of creating a micronation was inspired by the success of the Empire of Adammia when Hilton became interested in conversations with Emperor Adam I, the nation's founder, at a UBLD spin-off of the Emperor's Fabulous Quiz. He also had conversations with Alex Helliker, the incumbent Prime Minister, establishing Wazakhstan's first foreign relations. Despite the idea of creating a micronation being on Hilton's mind, it was that evening that the Micronation came to fruition.

The inspiration for the name of the country came from Hilton's close friend Will Rowe who in light of his popularity, an Instagram account had been made some years earlier. Despite a hacking in 2017, various incarnations have existed for a number of years. Wazrowe2.0 was the name of the account when the micronation was founded and has served as the basis for Rowe's fame until this day. The Micronation's popularity grew when an account was made in its dedication. This has around 80 followers and citizenship has developed through this platform as a link is provided to the citizenship form on the country's website.


There were fewer changes to the micronation in this year, however notable events include the founding of the Ordo Fidelium, an order of knighthood that recognises services to the monarch and micronationalist cause. Additionally, following the confirmation of citizenship of The Rev'd Rob Hilton, father of Prime Minister Ned Hilton, Wazbekistan was founded.

Other notable events include the establishment of inter-micronational relations between Wazakhstan and other states through Instagram messenger. The state has been included into an alliance known as the 'Union De La Paix' and now formally recognises all members: Seredniye, The Tuposian Empire, The Republic of Vechod, The Republic of Landonia, The Folkerian Republic, Kolechia, The Republic of Masonia, The Aldrose Republic, and New Deseret.


Administrative Divisions

List of Wazakhstani flags and symbols

The Kingdom is divided into regions. It contains two regions: North Wazakhstan, situated in Yorkshire, and South Wazakhstan, situated in Birmingham and Cheshire. The nobility attached to regions are known as Archdukes or Archduchesses. They have very little power over their regions and are appointed by either the King, or the Prime Minister on his behalf.

Secondly there are Duchies. The main type of administrative division, there are 4 Duchies: Wazambique, Wazerbaijan, Wazmania and Wazbekistan. Nobles attached to duchies are known as Dukes or Duchesses. Unlike their regional counterparts, duchy nobles have some executive and legislative power over their provinces, but they share it with councillors, politicians who are selected by the Prime Minister or King who serve on the duchies' executive councils.

Cities are inhabited areas of land inside each duchy.

The other form of subdivision is a territory and there is only one of these in the Kingdom. It assumes a different status to all other duchies as it is the official residence of King Waz I. The Your Mum Capital Territory located within the Duchy of Wazambique and a part of North Wazakhstan is not served by an executive council or a duke. Instead, a High Sheriff acts as a keeper of the peace and protector of those residing in the Royal Household. The High Sheriff reports directly to the King and can be selected, deselected or reinstated at the discretion of either the King or Prime Minister.

There are also Oblasts, areas of land claimed by the micronation though uninhabited by any citizens. An example of an Oblast in the micronation is Metchleygrad, located in Wazmania not far from Waztana. The area is administered by the Executive Council of Wazmania with governance belonging jointly to Councillors.


Duchies of Wazakhstan
Name Flag Pop. Establishment Region Duke / Duchess Party Settlements
Wazmania 2 November 2017 South Wazakhstan V. Rev'd Lord Thompson MP Liberal Party Waztana
Wazerbaijan 5 November 2017 North Wazakhstan Archiebald Morrison Freedom for Fidget Spinners Skinny-White-Boy


Wazambique 18 November 2017 North Wazakhstan Lord Baron Flanagan Liberal Party Smashmouth

Estereal Mindley

Wazbekistan 2 January 2018 South Wazakhstan Rev'd Rob Hilton MP Liberal Party Colinagrad


Territories of Wazakhstan
Name Flag Pop. Establishment Region High Sheriff Party Cities
Your Mum Capital Territory 2 November 2017 North Wazakhstan Fraser 'Chef' Farmery Communist Party Your Mum


Oblasts of Wazakhstan
Name Establishment Region Duchy Administration
Metchleygrad October 2018 South Wazakhstan Wazmania Executive Council of Wazmania
Goodbold October 2018 South Wazakhstan Wazmania Executive Council of Wazmania


There are currently 7 cities located in Wazakhstan. These are formed of an area in which citizens of the country live. They can be both single households or entire towns or communities in which non-citizens may live. The capital city, Your Mum, acts as the royal household for King Waz I and only has a population of 2 - that of the King and his brother Dan Rowe. The most populous city is by far Smashmouth, which is located in the duchy which encircles the Capital Territory, Wazambique and covers the area of Ilkley civil parish. The other cities located in Wazambique are Estereal, surrounding the capital territory and covering the area of Ben Rhydding; and Mindley, located in Huddersfield. Waztana, home to prime minister Ned Hilton and Ethan Thompson is located in Wazmania, in Birmingham. In the duchy of Wazerbaijan, there is the city of Skinny-White-Boy, the temporary residence of the King. Wazerbaijan is located in Sheffield. Finally, Colinagrad is the only city located in Wazbekistan. This is located in the town of Alsager and is notably the home of Rob Hilton.

Cities of Wazakhstan
Name Pop. Duchy / Territory Notable Resident(s) Type
Your Mum 2 Your Mum Capital Territory Household
Smashmouth 15 Wazambique Town
Estereal 6 Wazambique Town
Mindley 1 Wazambique Town
Skinny-White-Boy 4 Wazerbaijan Household
Waztana 2 Wazmania Household
Colinagrad 2 Wazbekistan Household
Former Cities of Wazakhstan
Name Pop. Duchy / Territory Notable Resident(s) Type
Corzo 2 Wazerbaijan Household

Government and politics

The Kingdom of Wazakhstan is an Autocratic Unitary State, with King Waz I serving as ceremonial head of state and Prime Minister Ned Hilton serving as Dictator. Hilton heads the nation's cabinet, which is made up of various Ministers. These members are usually selected representatives given a variety of roles based on Hilton or the King's discretion.

Each Duchy in Wazakhstan has its own executive council, of which the Duke is the leader. Each member represents a ward, which covers a complete city. Your Mum Capital Territory does not have an executive council as it is home to the monarch. Instead, the High Sheriff maintains order in the territory and provides protection to the royal residents.


The Cabinet is currently made up of 12 members, all of whom were selected by the Prime Minister. Most ascertained the positions through a request on the official citizenship form, however some members were specially selected for their expertise in the field. For example Minister for Science, Technology and Research, Sam Hilmo Hilton, is currently studying Mathematics at the University of Sheffield, thus having a relatively good knowledge of his department. Current ministers include those for Internal Affairs, External Affairs, Culture, Religious and Spiritual Affairs, Feminism and Misogyny, Education and Numbers, Chocolate Bars without Wrappers and Science, Technology and Research. These positions are alongside Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer and 1st Secretary of State.

The full Cabinet, as well as the parties represented by members is as follows:

Position Party Name Held office since
Prime Minister LPW H.Em. TMH Ned Hilton PM December 2017
Deputy Prime Minister LPW James Hodson MP December 2017
1st Secretary of State LPW Rob Hilton MP December 2017
Chancellor of the Exchequer LPW Chancellor Big John MP December 2017
Minister for Internal Affairs LPW Prince Dan Rowe MP December 2017
Minister for External Affairs LPW Prof. Kate Flanagan MP December 2017
Minister for Culture Hungover Hermit’s Society Sam Hadfield MOB MP December 2017
Minister for Religious and Spiritual Affairs LPW Revd. Elliot Thompson MP December 2017
Minister for Feminism and Misogyny MWiB The Rt. Hon. Revd. Dr Ryan Andrew Lee OWE QAM MP December 2017
Minister for Education and Numbers LETP Ethan Thompson MP December 2017
Minister for Chocolate Bars without Wrappers LPW Connor Allen MP December 2017
Minister for Science, Technology and Research STRP Sam Hilmo Hilton MP December 2017



The official sports of Wazakhstan and Football, Rugby League and Cricket. The country has a National Football Team, however they are yet to play a match. The King himself enjoys playing Football and Cricket and is a keen athlete. Elsewhere in the Micronation, sports including Running, Cycling, Climbing and Hockey are also popular.

Within Wazambique, sports facilities are provided by Ilkley Town Football Club, Ilkley Rugby Club, Ben Rhydding Hockey Club and Ben Rhydding Cricket Club. In Wazerbaijan, the University of Sheffield provides facilities and sports clubs for the residents who live there. Wazmania is similarly served by the University of Birmingham. Wazbekistan residents have access to the Alsager Leisure Centre that provides a small gym and pool that are attached to the school there.


The population of Wazakhstan boasts a diverse ethnic makeup. The population is predominantly White British, however some citizens are of Asian, Gay Black Asian Jew, Waz Caucasian, Blue, Pale green, Lemon and Black Antartican descent. The primary age group is 15-21, with most citizens attending Secondary Education or University.