Science, Technology and Research Party

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Science, Technology and Research Party
PresidentSam Hilmo Hilton
FoundedDecember 2017
HeadquartersSkinny-White-Boy (unofficial)
Membership  (2017)2
IdeologyScience, Technology and Research
Political positionCentre-Left
Official colorsTeal
1 / 12
Executive Council of Wazambique
0 / 3
Dukes of Wazakhstan
0 / 3

The Science, Technology and Research Party is a political party in Wazakhstan. Founded by Sam Hilmo Hilton in 2017, he represents the party in the cabinet as Minister for Science, Technology and Research and as a member of the Wazerbaijan Executive Council. The party's political position is Centre-Left and key policies include an increase in funding of the technology sector, the funding of jobs based in the industry and greater funding and promotion of STEM subjects in schools and colleges.