Your Mum Capital Territory

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Your Mum Capital Territory

Capital Territory of Wazakhstan
Ilkley, West Yorkshire, Great Britain
CapitalYour Mum
GovernmentHigh Sheriff
High SheriffFraser Farmery

The Royal Capital Territory of Your Mum, commonly known as Your Mum Capital Territory or simply Your Mum CT, is a subdivision of the Kingdom of Wazakhstan. The head of this Territory is referred to as the High Sheriff of Your Mum Capital Territory, and is currently held by Fraser Farmery.

The largest and capital city is Your Mum. The Territory assumes a different status to other Duchies in the nation by not being ruled by an executive council. Instead of such an arrangement, High Sheriff Farmery assumes a duty of care and protection to the residents of the Royal Household. Any decisions that directly affect the territory are made by the King. The Territory is home to official residence of the Monarch.