King Waz I

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Waz I
His Beautiful Majesty King Waz I
William James Rowe
Waz I in the Meninger Hostel, Frankfurt
King of Wazakhstan
Reign November 2017 - present
Coronation Not crowned
Predecessor Throne established
Prime Minister(s) Ned Hilton (2017 - present)
Consort None
Born (1999-04-00)April , 1999
Occupation Student
Monarchical styles of
King Waz I
Reference style His Beautiful Majesty
Spoken style Your Beautiful Majesty
Alternative style Lad

His Beautiful Majesty King Waz I, known sometimes as King Waz, Waz, Big Lad or just Lad, is the King of the Wazakhstan and has been head of state since the nation's foundation in 2017.

He currently resides in the city of Skinny-White-Boy, in the Duchy of Wazerbaijan.