Union De La Paix

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Union de la Paix
Intermicronational organisation

Headquarters None

Official language English

Membership 14 full members

Leadership None

Foundation April 2018

The Union De La Paix is a Union formed of Micronations located around the world. It currently has 15 official members and they communicate through the medium of Instagram Messenger. An official account has been made and this serves to further the union's membership and publicity.

The Union is without a leader, with all decisions being put to a vote in which there has to be a majority in favour. The status of a leader was debated, though the motion lost to a majority not being in favour.


The 14 members include: Seredniye, New Deseret, The United Socialist Federation, Landonia, Vechod, Romalajundre, The Kingdom of Wazakhstan, the Folkerian Republic, the Natino Republic, Tuposian Empire, the Republic Of Masonia, the United Southeast Asian States, and the Aldrose Republic and Repubblica democratica di Luxe.


A member of the Union must be an actual Micronation not role play. Unlike the Micronation Coalition, the Union does not require members to accept one Monarch.