New Deseret

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New Deseret is a micronation located in Utah. It was started in early April 2018.It currently has 10 citizens in three states across the US. It is a little micro nation and hopes to become more then a micro nation and into a nation of its own rights. It is part of the Union De La Paix.


The government of New Deseret is Kossinist. Kossinism(named after their president) is a form of Communism. In Kossinism a president can be voted out of office.


The currency of New Deseret is called a Mayno. Mayno's are backed by 30$ worth of silver. This gives Mayno's actual worth.


They are allies with several other micronations.

Some of these include Wazakhstan and Molossia. They are part of The Union De La Paix(Union Of Peace), a micronation union.

National Symbols

There national animal is the domestic cat. The national flower is the dandelion. The colors of the flag/nation are: Green,Red,Blue and, White

Interesting Laws

It is illegal to use plastic only once. the fine is 20 Mayno's.

First Gharazzi-New Deseret War

In early May 2018 The Princapality Of Gharazzi was formed. Gharazzi was started by citizens of New Deseret that opposed the communist government. Gharazzi tried to stir up war between New Deseret and several of their allies. After this attempt was unsuccessful, Gharazzi invaded the capital of New Deseret. Gharazzi announced to the United Southeast Asian States about the plan, but the USAS warned two represantives of New Deseret. The vice president of New Deseret and a mercenary hired by Gharazzi betrayed both countries and Gharazzi and New Deseret allied against them. Gharazzi then collapsed and became a state of New Deseret. It wasn't long before Gharazzi had reformed. Gharazzi is currently at a state of great tension with New Deseret.


New Deseret collapsed and became Seveiria,which soon merged with Gharazzi.